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Eating Gluten-Free? Here Are 7 Foods You Can Eat with Abandon ...

By Eliza

My son is gluten-free so I’ve spent my fair share of time in the trenches trying to make sure he has something to eat. With all that practice, I’ve come across a huge selection of foods that you’d be surprised to find are gluten-free. That means you can eat them whenever you want to. No more feeling deprived and restricted because the following foods are all so tasty that even people who don’t eat gluten-free will want to pig out on them.

1 Marshmallows

MarshmallowsSurprised? Marshmallows are basically just sugar so while they might not be great for your waistline, they are perfect for a gluten-free diet. When we attend parties where cake or cupcakes are served, I like to take a jumbo marshmallow and cover it in frosting and sprinkles so my son has a delicious treat to enjoy when dessert time rolls around.

2 Chex Cereal

Chex CerealExcept for Wheat Chex, every flavor of Chex is gluten-free. That means you can gorge on the corn, rice, vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and honey nut flavors without worry. Eat them topped with milk for breakfast or add them to a gluten-free trail mix. I also use them in place of Rice Krispies to make gluten-free bars for school treats or birthday parties.


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3 Rice Noodles

Rice NoodlesUsually rice noodles are a no-no when you must eat gluten-free, but rice noodles are totally safe. Preparing them is as easy as soaking them in warm water until they soften. You can use them to make gluten-free stir fry or spring rolls. They also taste great tossed with spices and vegetables and served as a salad. Yum!

4 Nut Thins Crackers

Nut Thins CrackersHere’s another food you might think you have to avoid. Sure, there are tons of crackers you can’t eat when you’re gluten-free, but you can eat Nut Thins with total abandon. I don’t know how they turn nuts into such a thin and crispy cracker, but the result is heavenly. The white cheddar and salted flavors are some of the best. They work perfectly for serving with cheese.

5 Rice

RiceRice of any kind is safe for a gluten-free diet. It’s often lumped into the grain category, which makes many people mistakenly assume they can’t have it. Steamed white or brown rice makes a perfect side dish for any kind of meat. Wild rice is another good one. Watch out for boxed rice as they often contain orzo, which isn’t gluten-free. I like to make a pilaf with mushrooms and celery and everyone loves it.

6 Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and VegetablesNo diet should be without a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Luckily, they are all gluten-free, which means you can enjoy any that is your favorite without worry. And fruits and vegetables are great sources of carbs (way better than refined grains) so you can meet a lot of your dietary needs by fueling up with produce. Eat as much variety as you want to. It’s totally safe!

7 Ice Cream

Ice CreamYes, you can eat lots of ice cream, even if you’re gluten-free. One caveat though – you’ve got to read the labels carefully and avoid any with fillers, cookies or cake. Breyer’s is a wonderful choice because the company doesn’t add a ton of weird preservatives or fillers that you need to worry about.

Do you eat gluten-free? See anything on this list that surprises you? Here’s something else great – solid milk chocolate is also gluten-free!

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