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5 Essential Herbs Spices That Belong in Your Kitchen ...

By Heather

There are some essential herbs and spices every kitchen should have. When you first start cooking, at any age, it can be a daunting experience. Growing up, I watched my mother cook, standing close to the stove to see her quickly prepare meals in a way that amazed me. She was able to gather the tools she needed while streamlining the cooking process to provide a hot meal for the family in a timely manner. Over the years, learning from both her and of my own experience, I have been able to develop my own recipes while using spices, and ingredients that compliment my own tastes. Since this time, I have begun to realize that spices are an essential part of cooking. They provide taste, color, quality, and even healthy options in meals. The following are five essential herbs and spices every kitchen should have.

1 Garlic

Garlic is one of the top essential herbs and spices every kitchen should have. Garlic has long since been used for a variety of recipes. It is also well known for improving cholesterol levels while lowering blood pressure. Containing vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B, and other additional nutrients, garlic is a number one spice that can help your health while providing a tasty addition to any meal.

2 Parsley

Parsley is an ingredient known for acting as a natural diuretic for the body. Originating from Mediterranean areas it has been used throughout the years as both a medicinal plant in addition to use in meals to improve taste and quality. This spice contains many nutrients that helps the body with maintaining blood sugar and controlling urinary tract infections while effectively reducing inflammatory problems within the body.


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3 Oregano

Oregano is known for serving as an antioxidant in the body, driving out imbalances while packing the same punch as a variety of vegetables and fruits. Long known for usage in Italian food such as spaghetti, pizza, and other meals, much like parsley it also serves as an anti-inflammatory. This spice can be mixed with black pepper, garlic, paprika, and rosemary and used in many different recipes.

4 Thyme

With over 400 subspecies of this spice, it is widely used throughout cooking in addition to being well known for its health benefits. This addition is a useful source of vitamin C and vitamin A, packing a punch to help take care of colds, while boosting moods when dried and used in your home. Aromatic and distinctive, this spice is a terrific addition to your kitchen!

5 Turmeric

Turmeric is becoming more widely known for fighting different diseases, including diabetes. This yellow spice normally used in Indian food fights to help you lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar, and improve arthritis. From past experience, mixing this spice with garlic and black pepper adds an incredible taste and healthy kick to any meal that you cook.

With some research and patience, you can turn your kitchen into a colorful, healthy, and productive space. Utilizing herbs and spices can promote healthy cooking while managing daily issues. What will you put in your kitchen next?

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