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3 Delicious Recipes to Use Eggs That Isn't Deviled ...

By Dana

I'm here to share with you some great recipes to use up eggs. Deviled eggs are often our go-to checkout choice to gobble up all those leftover hard-boiled eggs after (or during) this traditional, holy and family-orientated weekend. If you’ve hosted a horde of kids at your house and have dozens and dozens of this poultry product on hand during the days and weeks afterward, what’s a Mom to do?

Instead of going to the old standby of peeling, slicing them in half, scooping out their insides and making deviled eggs, what are some other ways we can make delicious dishes with all these shelled subjects following the holiday hunt? Here are some great recipes to use up eggs.

1 Two (or Three) Leftovers in One Dish

Another traditional menu item we find on hand after this holiday event is ham and plenty of it. Egg salad often comes to mind when dealing with all those eggs, but consider making a combination of egg and ham for sandwiches and salads. Use your favorite recipe when it comes to combining both of these ingredients into one delicious dish. Tuna can also be put together with eggs for a protein-packed punch.

2 Come Together with Cobb Salad

If you served a green salad with Easter dinner, pack many of these products together in order to deliver a delicious Cobb salad the next day. Slice and dice these proteins together for one meaty and punchy salad that delivers on all levels. Top it with your favorite dressing to offer up a lighter dish the day after a hefty meal.

3 BLT Times Three

Nothing says loving and comfort food like a good, old-fashioned BLT. Adding a few slices of a hard-boiled egg into this classic mixture is nothing short of breakfast perfection. There’s also nothing saying this can’t be served for lunch, brunch, dinner or any time of day.

Yum, yum, gimme some!

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