Video Recipe for Delicious Panzanella ...

By Leiann

Video  Recipe for Delicious  Panzanella  ...

Want a video recipe for Panzanella? As I am a team leader on, a fitness and nutrition website, and love to share, well, my love for Italian food, I thought I'd share with you this YouTube video about making Panzanella.

Also, I just might share some easier ways of doing things without sacrificing taste.

Whether you have a garden, a farmers' market or a good grocery store, to buy produce, this recipe is sure to please on a hot summer's day.

Watch as Chef Meg of makes uses this video recipe for Panzanella to make a tasty salad of tomatoes and bread.

Published on Aug 26, 2010

My tips?

For bread, use day-old crusty Italian bread and cut in cubes or simply buy croutons. Buy the croutons!

Instead of using or buying parsley that you have to chop up, buy a bottle of the herb! If I had to chop the stuff myself, I'd be afraid of hurting my finger with a sharp knife!

Lettuce is OK, but personally, I think the recipe is better without. Also, leave out the capers and onion.

For the dressing, use a little canola oil and a little red wine vinegar. Why canola? Olive oil is the healthiest, but unless you buy olive oil at Dollar Tree, it can be very expensive. Vegetable oil is the cheapest at most stores, but not very healthy. So, I go for the one in between. As for red wine vinegar, I was brought up that way. So, you can say I am partial.

What have I boiled this recipe down to? A bread and tomato salad with a little parsley and dressing.

This recipe is so good for when you want a light lunch, dinner or need a dish to take to a party or cookout.

You can even make it ahead in jars to store in the fridge to grab-and-go!

I hope you like this review! Kindly leave a comment if you do the recipe!

Ciao bella!

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