7 Exotic Types of Salt to Enhance All Your Meals ...

By Eliza

7 Exotic Types of Salt to Enhance All Your Meals ...

Who knew there were so many exotic types of salt? When I stumbled on this life changing topic, I got really excited because it’s always fun to try new things in the kitchen. Different types of salt can really shake up your meals and leave you with delicious new things to share with your family and friends. Finding these exotic types of salt might not be as easy as heading to the supermarket, but the extra effort is well worth it. After you try some of these, I think you’ll agree.

Table of contents:

  1. celtic sea salt
  2. himalayan pink salt
  3. hawaiian black lava salt
  4. bali pyramid sea salt
  5. indian black mineral salt
  6. australian murray river salt
  7. bamboo roasted sea salt

1 Celtic Sea Salt

You might be thinking that all salt comes from the sea. While that’s not entirely true, where salt is harvested plays a role in its appearance and taste. One of the best exotic types of salt is Celtic sea salt. It’s light grey in color and tastes similar to fleur de sel. It’s moister than other types of salt so you’ll need to add it by hand rather than with a grinder or shaker.

2 Himalayan Pink Salt

Not only does this type of salt look beautiful, but it’s unlike any other kind you’ll find. It is actually mined in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range and comes in large chunks that you can grate into your meals. Another great thing about the size of this type of salt is that you can actually heat it and cook foods right on it for a dish that’s super flavorful.

3 Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

The black color of this salt is a result of being mixed with volcanic charcoal. Despite its strange color, it has a ton of flavor and works in many types of dishes. It adds a touch of dramatic color to your food and works best as a finishing salt, according to gourmet cooking experts. Chow.com suggests using it to rim a cocktail glass on Halloween. Fun, right?

4 Bali Pyramid Sea Salt

True to its name, this type of salt grows near Bali in small pyramid formations. It flakes easily and is perfect for sprinkling on meals as a finishing touch. You might have to special order this delicious type of salt, but it will be well worth it because it has a great flavor.

5 Indian Black Mineral Salt

Unlike the black salt that hails from Hawaii, this type is reported to be more of a grey color than pure black. But no matter, because it has a very distinct flavor that makes it a favorite among many gourmet chefs. It has a sulfur/mineral taste that makes it ideal for spice blends, sauce and soup, note the experts at the Salt Table. It’s used often in Indian cuisine as well.

6 Australian Murray River Salt

Like I said in the introduction, not all salt comes from the ocean. This salt comes from a river and has a very mild flavor that makes it perfect for many types of foods. Use it to add flavor when you bake or roast meats or vegetables. It’s also a great choice for adding to food just before serving it.

7 Bamboo Roasted Sea Salt

Who knew you could further bring out the flavor of salt by roasting it? This type of salt is highly popular in Korea and is made by stuffing salt into a bamboo stalk and heating it. The result is a great tasting salt that is pretty versatile, which means you can use it in a variety of ways.

Do you use salt when you cook? You should definitely limit your intake per the recommendations of the American Heart Association, but a dash here and there sure makes some foods taste better. What types of exotic salts do you use?

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