7 Yummy Ways to Use Apple Butter You Simply Must Try ...


7 Yummy Ways to Use Apple Butter You Simply Must Try ...
7 Yummy Ways to Use Apple Butter You Simply Must Try ...

If you’re out of ideas for using applesauce, then try out some ways to use apple butter instead. Apple butter is basically a cooked-down version of applesauce, so it’s much sweeter and richer in flavor. You can buy plain or sweetened varieties of apple butter depending on the brand and variety you choose. Apple butter has an incredibly decadent taste and is made only from apples and spices in their original form. Some brands add apple juice or commercial sweeteners during cooking while others don’t. Whatever type you choose, there are some delicious ways to use apple butter you’ll want to enjoy this fall and winter. Not sure where to start? Here are some of my favorite ways to get you started:

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Mixed into Oatmeal

Mixed into Oatmeal By far one of the sweetest and most satisfying ways to use apple butter is stirred into hot oatmeal. It’s like eating apple pie for breakfast! Mixing apple butter into oatmeal is also easy and takes minimal effort. Try it in place of your normal fruit choice or even in addition to your other fruits with oatmeal for a variety of sweet flavors.


Into Baked Goods

Into Baked Goods You can use apple butter as a replacement for oil, eggs, and butter in any baked good recipe you choose. Just like applesauce, apple butter will help create a sweet, moist flavor and also offer binding power to your recipes. It’s especially tasty in muffins, cookies, pancakes, breads, waffles, and cakes.


As a Jelly Replacement

As a Jelly Replacement Love PB & J? Don’t we all! For a healthier and more choice than commercial jellies and peanut butter, use apple butter and raw almond butter instead. Call it an AB & AB sandwich if you like! Even add a dash of cinnamon to make it more like a dessert sandwich or use it as a healthy breakfast choice.


A Toast Topper

A Toast Topper If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, just try topping some toasted sprouted grain bread with a smear of apple butter, cinnamon, and maybe even sliced bananas. You can use apple butter to top your toast with, just like you would any other spread. It’s especially yummy on sprouted grain cinnamon raisin bread in the fall season.


Smoothie Ice Cubes

Smoothie Ice Cubes Here’s a neat little trick to try if you love smoothies as much as I do: freeze apple butter into an ice cube tray and use the frozen cubes in smoothies. You’ll have an instant apple pie like flavor to use in your shakes in no time! It’s especially yummy when you blend it with almond milk, banana, and a vanilla protein powder. It's also a great way to prevent throwing away any apple butter if it’s fixing to expire.


To Top off Sweet Potatoes

To Top off Sweet Potatoes Spread some apple butter onto a warm sweet potato for an especially sweet and satisfying dinner side. You can even use this as a healthy dessert or breakfast dish. Add a dash of cinnamon and cardamom to really take things up a notch!


As a Muffin Spread

As a Muffin Spread Apple butter is great to use as a spread for muffins and is also a healthier option in place of fattening butter. Spread apple butter onto muffin flavors like blueberry, bran, oatmeal raisin, banana, and apple cinnamon muffins as a healthier way to do breakfast this week.

Fall is the best time to enjoy apple butter because it's when prime apple season takes place, but you can enjoy apple butter all year round. I suggest buying an unsweetened, organic spiced apple butter for the healthiest option, such as Vermont Village Organic brand. Do you buy apple butter or have a favorite way to use it?

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I use apple butter on waffles and pancakes and waffles

It's also really good mixed in with cottage cheese...that's the way they serve it at some Amish restaurants in PA

These examples are a Definitely a Must try!

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