7 Exquisite Wine Matching Ideas for Meat Dishes ...


7 Exquisite Wine Matching Ideas for Meat Dishes ...
7 Exquisite Wine Matching Ideas for Meat Dishes ...

Wine Matching is not as difficult as experts would like you to think. Most of the time, I actually just follow the “red wine for red meat, white wine for white meat” rule and dinners often work out just fine. But sometimes, meat dishes can also be a bit complicated, especially seafood. And so wine matching then becomes a teeny bit confusing. But even though wine matching can be confusing or complicated sometimes, it doesn't have to make you feel hopeless. So if you're planning a dinner party soon and you want to make sure you get the best wine to complement your dishes, read on... here are 7 Exquisite Wine Matching Ideas for Meat Dishes.

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Now this wine is quite full-bodied and so it is best paired with a rich dish such as this Roasted Rack of Lamb. Bordeaux is great for red meat dishes particularly beef or lamb. And if you want to go French, it would be great to pair this red with some strong cheese for Le Fromage.


Burgundy has a medium body with the fragrance and flavors of berries. It is best paired with fowl dishes, rich-flavored fish, or dishes with heavy cream sauces. My wine matching suggestion for Burgundy is Baked Salmon Fillet Dijon because salmon is a flavorful fish and this dish has a thick cream sauce that would perfectly complement this berry heavy wine.


Wine matching ideas for this dry crisply flavored white wine are quite straightforward. This wine goes well with most seafood, fowl, and cream smothered dishes. Basically, since this is a light dry wine with a buttery taste, this should only be paired with light dishes such as this Halibut with Zesty Peach Salsa.


This light, crisp, bubbly wine with an essentially fruity flavor complements appetizers and light white meat dishes, such as chicken and most seafood dishes, as well. So the buttery white chicken meat coupled with the sweet tangy sauce in this Japanese Chicken Wings recipe is a very good wine matching idea for this fruity bubbly.


The ideal wine matching suggestion for this full-bodied rich white wine are white meat, seafood, and even vegetables dishes. It would also suit dishes with cream or garlic sauces. Now, I choose this Crab Cakes recipe for this white wine because it is seafood and it has a rich creamy sauce with a bit of a tangy flavor. I can just imagine how incredibly delicious dinner would be with these two!


Merlot is quite versatile when it comes to wine matching. It can be paired with red meat, fowl, seafood, vegetables, and mild cheese. Now this Incredibly Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf sort of doubly complements Merlot because the two main ingredients are fowl and mild cow cheese. In my opinion, the soft but fruity tannic flavor of Merlot suits the rich cheesy flavor of this fowl dish quite well.


Pinot noir is basically an exquisite wine with a milder body than most reds. And since it is medium-bodied, wine matching it with a flavorful but light seafood dish such as this Tempting Tuna Salad is a pretty good idea. The white meat with an equally light creamy dressing would not overpower the earthy and sweet berry flavor of the Pinot noir.

Do you also follow the common rules for wine matching? Have you ever noticed how dishes just taste extraordinarily delicious when paired with the right bottle of wine? Well, I guess the trick here is to do some research and experiment. One thing you have to keep in mind when wine matching though is that the wine should not overpower the dish and likewise, the dish should not overpower the wine. The wine and the dish should complement and enhance each other on your palate. That would be the ideal wine matching technique.

Note: Red wine goes well with red meat and heavily flavored food. White wine goes well with white meat, any lean meat, and mildly flavored food. Medium-bodied wine, a.k.a. a red and white wine mix, goes well with seafood and mildly flavored fowl dishes.

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