7 Fabulous Substitutes for Coffee You Need to Try ...


If youโ€™re thinking of giving up java, perhaps youโ€™re trying to find some good substitutes for coffee to give you that warm and cozy feeling coffee seems to give us. Iโ€™m not about to give up my one or two cups of java each day. I love the smell, the flavor and whether it is decaf or caffeinated doesnโ€™t matter to me. Itโ€™s the ritual of the flavor, aroma and warmth that sends people over the moon for coffee, including myself, but some people actually dislike coffee. Many people out there have marvelous substitutes for coffee that they enjoy instead. I thought I would share with you some of these that seem to be the most popular and ones I like too. When finding a perfect substitute for coffee, be sure to experiment until you find one you like. Thereโ€™s no reason you should give up coffee in small amounts, but if youโ€™re looking to, give a few of these a try!

1. Goji Lemon Tea

Goji Lemon Tea

Goji lemon tea is one of the hottest substitutes for coffee of the moment. Goji lemon tea is a new idea and one that is catching on quickly. Bloggers all over the web, such as Kathy Patalsky from Happy Healthy Life, are in love with the beverage, along with a few I know myself. To make goji lemon tea, simply steep 1 cup of either prepared green or black tea with some lemon juice, and a couple tablespoons of goji berries. Add a dash of cayenne and sweeten with maple syrup or honey if desired. Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, which increases longevity and immune health, and aids in clearing the skin. Lemons, maple syrup or honey and cayenne are a powerful cleansing trio, and green or black teas are both rich in antioxidants and contain some caffeine. The combination of all these flavors will give a sense of enlightenment, just like coffee, and this beverage is extremely warming.

Maca Cacao Coffee
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