7 Delicious and Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Love ...


7 Delicious and Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Love ...
7 Delicious and Healthy Snacks That Kids Will Love ...

When it comes to healthy snacks that kids will love, it's all about flavor, appearance and undetectable health benefits that keep them coming back for more! If you have kids or siblings anything like my little sister, then you know that getting kids to eat healthy can sometimes be a challenge. Most children do not know the importance of healthy eating, therefore it is up to us to provide them with not only delicious tasting snacks but nutritious ones too! By introducing them to a few of the snacks listed below, you will satisfy not only their taste buds but their growing bodies too! Here are a few healthy snacks that kids will love!

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Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes Frozen grapes are one of my favorite healthy snacks that kids will love too! While most kids already love grapes, frozen grapes are even more delicious! All you have to do is wash a bag of grapes, pat them fully dry and then pop them in the freezer. After a few hours they are perfectly frozen and perfectly yummy! Full of disease fighting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, frozen grapes are a perfect kid friendly afternoon snack!


Apple and Peanut Butter

Apple and Peanut Butter Growing up, sliced apples dipped in peanut butter was my most favorite snack - and not much has changed over the years! This combination is one both kids and adults can share and is perfectly nutritious in so many ways. Apples are full of healthy fiber, vitamins and minerals and the peanut butter is full of healthy fat - a win win for everyone! This is an easy snack to throw in a lunch box that is sure to satisfy all ages!


Greek Yogurt Parfait

Greek Yogurt Parfait Kids love this delicious combination and they don't even know how healthy it is! Greek styled yogurt is much higher in protein, allowing this healthy snack to serve as a well-rounded meal if need be! I shared a "how-to" regarding homemade healthy parfaits over on my site, The Gypsy Dietitian, with a delicious recipe that all kids love, so be sure to check that out there!



Popcorn Most people don't realize that when selected correctly, popcorn is a perfectly healthy, whole grain snack. Don't be fooled by the movie theater popcorn, however! When selecting a healthy popcorn, choose a natural, unsalted popcorn that hasn't already been soaked in butter. This way you can add just as much (or little!) salt as you want, as well as add a little drizzle of olive oil to it, which is much healthier than butter! Kids will never know the difference!


Ants on a Log

Ants on a Log Most kids run at the sight of celery, but when topped with peanut butter and raisins, they come running for it! Celery is a vegetable that most kids tend not to eat, so by turning it into ants on a log, the nutritious peanut butter and the sweet raisins make this vegetable a little bit more attractive to kids. You can try variations, such as light cream cheese, Greek yogurt and other nut butters. Ants on a log are a great idea to bring to a classroom party since most kids don't eat celery on a daily basis! They are kid friendly and healthy too!



Cuties Although I'm sure you are cute, I'm not calling you a cutie! I'm referring to the cute little clementines: Cuties! Kids love cuties because they are small, sweet and are perfectly delicious! Little do they know that Cuties are super nutritious too! Cuties make a great snack, not only because they keep kids occupied (peeling first!) but also because they are portable, easy and packed with disease fighting antioxidants!


Squeezable Applesauce

Squeezable Applesauce This suggestion came straight from a kid! Apparently applesauce alone doesn't cut it anymore - nowadays, kids are loving squeezable applesauce instead! Another great snack for on-the-go eating, kids love this snack because it is sweet and appealing to the eye! Squeezable applesauce is nutritious and totes well in lunch boxes, book bags and even purses for you moms out there!

When it comes to healthy eating, it's not that kids don't like healthy snacks, it's that we, as adults, are offering them the wrong things! By always handing them sugary, unhealthy snacks we are teaching them that naturally sweet, healthy snacks aren't good enough! Next time you're offering a kid a snack, try one of the above options instead! What were your favorite snacks as a kid? Did you enjoy healthy snacks?

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Clearly not an article written by a parent, this list has several choking hazards for small children.

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