Beer Hacks That'll Make Partying That Much Easier ...

Whether you are throwing a party or just looking for a way to cool down your beer, I've got you covered! These beer hacks are so simple yet so genius!

1. 8 Hacks in One!

These are amazing – and so useful!

2. Open a Beer with Another Beer!

Genius. Absolute genius.

3. Garbage Bag + Beer Case = New Cooler

You'll never need to buy another cooler!

4. Use Binder Clips to Keep Your Beer Stacked


5. What? a Loaf of Bread?

This is such a good idea!

6. How to Properly Pour Beer

Because, some people don't know how?

7. Stapler Bottle Opener?

For when you are really in a jam.

8. Beer Bottle Cups?

Such a cool idea!

9. Uses for Leftover Beer

Because .. sometimes there is a little left in the bottle right?

10. Hide Your Beer in a Soft Drink Cup

You know, for those kid football games.

11. Having a Party?

Use this chart to make sure you get enough beer!

12. Beer Can Help Your Split Ends!

Oh yes, can you waste just one beer to see if it works?

13. Homemade Beer Sleeve

Again for the no-drinking football games!

14. Here's How to Keep That Pitcher of Beer Freezing

How did I not think of this sooner?

15. Beer & Food Pairings

Even though beer does go with everything.

16. Just Make Sure It is a Clean Plunger

Seriously … make sure it is clean.

17. Wet Paper Towel + Beer = Cold Beer!

So simple yet I never thought about it!

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