7 Hacks to Make Your Coffee More Delicious That You Need to Try ...


7 Hacks to Make Your Coffee More Delicious That You Need to Try ...
7 Hacks to Make Your Coffee More Delicious That You Need to Try ...

I'm here to share some hacks to make your coffee more delicious. Is that even possible? You bet it is! Keep reading.

The first thing I need when I wake up in the morning is a cup of smooth, rich coffee. Whether it’s iced coffee in the summer, or a piping hot cup of coffee in the snowy winter, a robust cup of caffeine is necessary to get me through my day. While I am totally happy with my coffee being prepared with half and half and a sprinkling of sugar, a bit of change in my coffee routine keeps my taste buds alert.

For most people on the run, the only way they can get their quality coffee fix is by hitting up their local Starbucks. However, you can make delicious, fresh, and amazing coffee at home that is even better than the coffee shop. I love swinging through Starbucks as much as the next person, but I don’t love spending $5 on a cup of coffee that I could’ve made myself at home, just the way I like it.

These hacks to make your coffee more delicious are sure to make your morning the best it can be.

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Store Your Coffee Grounds in the Fridge

One of the best hacks to make your coffee more delicious is to keep the grounds cold. If you’re like me and still attached to your coffee pot as opposed to the Keurig takeover, then you likely buy large bags of coffee grounds. Once you break open that beautiful sounding freshness seal, your coffee’s lifetime clock starts to tick away. Slow down the process by putting your coffee grounds in the fridge. The coffee will stay fresh for longer and you won’t have to worry about brewing a stale pot of coffee. If you do use a 1 cup machine, you can store your K Cups in the refrigerator as well to keep them fresh.


Try Butter

It sounds like an odd mix that would not be tasty. However, let me just say that I felt the exact same way when I first heard this hack. I tried it and I have not gone back to regular coffee since then. Butter coffee is supposed to help the body burn calories faster, provide more energy, and eliminate the caffeine crash that many people experience. On top of all of that, it actually tastes really good. All you have to do is combine 2 tablespoons of grass-fed unsalted butter with 2 cups of brewed coffee. You can add a bit of sweetener if you like, but it honestly is perfect like that. It’s a good idea to combine the ingredients in the blender for the best results.


Throw in a Pinch of Salt

For some people, coffee is too bitter for them to fully enjoy. No matter how light the roast, the natural bitterness of the coffee can totally ruin the cup for them. Toss in a pinch of salt and it will offset the bitterness of the coffee. This is the perfect hack for someone that likes to drink their coffee without any frills.


Use the Blender

One of the most alluring things about going to get a cup of coffee from a shop is the delicious, piled high foam. Even though it doesn’t have a strong flavor, the foam makes a cup of coffee just seem special and extra fancy. Get that foamy coffee at home by tossing your milk into a blender, warmed up, to get the fluffy foam to top your coffee off with. Your coffee game will feel incredibly professional in seconds.


Break out the Spices

If you like the various flavors that you get at professional coffee shops, recreate or develop your own flavors at home. Purchase inexpensive spices like cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, or syrups like chocolate and caramel to flavor up your coffee the way you like. Mix and match different flavors without worrying about annoying the barista with your ridiculous order ideas. I like my coffee with nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon. It’s absolutely fantastic.


Freeze Your Coffee

It seems like an obvious idea, but it’s totally amazing either way. Pour your freshly brewed coffee into ice trays. Pop the ice trays into the freezer. You can use the coffee cubes in your ice coffee to prevent your drink from being diluted when the ice cubes melt. You can also pour milk over your coffee ice cubes for a specialty, cold drink.


Make a DIY Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is a super smooth specialty coffee that is brewed over a long period of time. Essentially, you steep the coffee the way you would tea but for at least 12 hours and no more than 15. Start with fresh grounds and grind the to a cornmeal consistency. Pour the grounds into a mason jar and top with cold, filtered water. Store your mix in the fridge for 12 hours. Strain the cold brew into your bottle or jar and enjoy!

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Don’t put coffee grounds or beans in the fridge, they WILL absorb all of your fridges odours, ending up in your coffee ruined

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