7 Food Network Shows with Easy to Master Recipes ...


There a ton of Food Network shows, but not all of them have recipes I would actually make. It’s really fun to watch gourmet meals being prepared by the masters, but sometimes I want a show to teach me to make something fast and easy that won’t require spending my entire paycheck on fancy ingredients. Or driving all over town finding obscure ingredients I’ve never even heard of. Are you the same way? Then you are going to want to keep reading because this list features some of the best Food Network shows for everyday chefs like us.

1. Mexican Made Easy

This one tops my list of Food Network shows because the title tells you the recipes will be easy and it’s Mexican food, which is my favorite. Watch this show and you can easily master enchiladas, tres leches cake, tortilla soup and flan with little effort. The star of the show, Marcela, Valladolid, offers easy to follow steps and tips that make it simple to create an ethnic masterpiece on your dining room table.

5 Ingredient Fix
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