7 Food Network Shows with Easy to Master Recipes ...


7 Food Network Shows with Easy to Master Recipes ...
7 Food Network Shows with Easy to Master Recipes ...

There a ton of Food Network shows, but not all of them have recipes I would actually make. It’s really fun to watch gourmet meals being prepared by the masters, but sometimes I want a show to teach me to make something fast and easy that won’t require spending my entire paycheck on fancy ingredients. Or driving all over town finding obscure ingredients I’ve never even heard of. Are you the same way? Then you are going to want to keep reading because this list features some of the best Food Network shows for everyday chefs like us.

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Mexican Made Easy

This one tops my list of Food Network shows because the title tells you the recipes will be easy and it’s Mexican food, which is my favorite. Watch this show and you can easily master enchiladas, tres leches cake, tortilla soup and flan with little effort. The star of the show, Marcela, Valladolid, offers easy to follow steps and tips that make it simple to create an ethnic masterpiece on your dining room table.


5 Ingredient Fix

What could be easier than redoing complicated recipes that only require five ingredients? Claire Robinson shows us how. And the recipes are not boring or bland either. In some cases Robinson doesn’t count things like olive oil, salt or pepper because those are things we always have on hand. However, with just a few ingredients you can whip up beef wellingtons, cookies, pizza and any of other flavorful creations.


30 Minute Meals

Hosted by Rachael Ray, this show teaches you to make fancy dinners in less than 30 minutes. Her techniques streamline the process for making things you would never believe you could do in a half an hour. The recipes are delicious and far from complicated, making them perfect for busy girls like us.


Down Home with the Neelys

The Neely couple invites you right into their own kitchen with this show. They give you all sorts of tips for cooking down home favorites as well as sharing their recipes so you can cook them for your family and friends at home. The offerings are delicious and easy and the show is fun to watch and easy to engage with.


Everyday Italian

Just like the name suggests, this show is all about cooking traditional Italian favorites on any day of the week. Hosted by none other than Giada de Laurentis, the show is one of Food Network’s most popular. You can learn to make Italian dishes that have an American flavor so they aren’t too strange to you or the people you cook for. Lamb chops, biscotti, soup and lasagna are examples of what you can see on this show.


Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee

I love this show because Sandra doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she gets help when she can to create fabulous meals that everyone will love. Her philosophy is to aim for 70 percent homemade, and 30 percent pre-made. Easy enough right? Watch for episodes that teach you to prepare things like short ribs, quesadillas, layer cakes, chili and shrimp scampi. Sounds good to me!


Paula’s Home Cooking

Despite the scandal earlier this year, Paula Deen is still a big name on the Food Network. She actually has several shows, but this one is aimed at teaching people to be home chefs. With recipes that include stuffed pork chops, paninis, bread pudding and cinnamon rolls, you know this one is going to make you really happy.

What’s your favorite Food Network show?

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The Frontier Lady has easy awesome homemade meals I love her cowboy beans, her chicken sandwiches were awesome, her pastas, her yummy chips & I can relate to her because I live 30 min from the nearest store in the country on a small farm where we grow our veggiesmken, fish/hunt for meat

Ree Drummond's show is The Pioneer Woman, and I love it as well. Her husband Lad, well, what can I say, he's a real cowboy rancher❤️ I simply cannot watch Giada, she is just too precious for words; and, her boobs literally overshadow her recipes...and it's so obvious😧

Sorry y'all what can I say internet out here isn't the best. Her name is Rhee Drummond & I think the show is called The Frontier Lady but every recipe has been a home run for us-thanks Ms. Rhee! The other one is Trisha Yearwood's show because we live very close to her hometown. Therefore the recipes are the stuff my mama has made but she puts a twist in each one to give it a whole different taste great for long days at work with lots if leftovers in the fridge.

Jamie Oliver show is also grt

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