9 Foods for Valentine's Day That Can Help Slim You down ...


What if I told you certain foods for Valentine’s Day can actually help slim you down? Don’t believe me, you say? Well, I’m here to give you good news ladies, because it’s true. Okay, now that box of assorted chocolates isn’t what I’m talking about here, nor the box of Sweethearts candy we all love! However, there are certain foods for Valentine’s Day that are actually very figure friendly! Check out these slimming foods for Valentine’s Day, which can actually improve your love life a little too!

1. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is hands down one of my favorite slimming superfoods of all, and it’s one of the best foods for Valentine’s Day too. Now, obviously, the closer you consume chocolate to its natural source the better. So, go for dark chocolate that’s 80% or higher cacao content, or better yet, go for raw cacao, my favorite. I also like Hershey’s dark cocoa powder to use during Valentine’s Day to make chocolate waffles, brownies and muff\fins using coconut instead of white flour. You can also make your sweetheart a piping hot cup of hot cocoa with it too! Dark chocolate stimulates endorphins in the body, raises your metabolism and lowers your appetite. It also burns fat, aids in mood health, and induces the same hormones in our body that are produced when we fall in love.

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