7 Foods from Your Childhood That You Probably Miss ...


Remember all those foods from your childhood that made life so great? Some of them are probably still living on store shelves, but others have likely disappeared and you wouldn’t even remember they existed until you saw them again. I’ve done you the favor of finding some of them to help you bring back some great memories from when you were little. Check them out! You are going to have so much fun looking through all these foods from your childhood.

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Planters Cheez Balls

Planters Cheez Balls You can still find puffy Cheetos, but I bet you haven’t seen Cheez Balls in ages. Talk about the classic party food. These little orange orbs were a hot commodity on the playgrounds of yesteryear, making them one of foods from your childhood that you probably miss. Remember that fake cheese taste and the orange powder all over your fingers?


Pop Tarts Crunch

Pop Tarts Crunch You can still buy Pop Tarts at any grocery store, but you can no longer get the Pop Tarts cereal. Remember that stuff? It was kind of like total sugar overload with every bite. I wasn’t a huge fan of this one, but I’m sure kids all over the place were super sad when it was stopped being made.


Clearly Canadian

Clearly Canadian Clearly Canadian was flavored water that people spent years drinking, but it’s gone now. You can easily find other versions of flavored waters, but this brand sure isn’t around anywhere anymore. Do you miss it? What was your favorite flavor?


Pudding Pops

Pudding Pops Thanks for this great invention Bill Cosby! Ok, he might not have invented them, but I’m sure he sold many millions of them during the 1980s and 1990s. Chocolate pudding pops were so delicious – nothing like the Fudgesicles you can find on store shelves today. If you loved these, you are probably as sad as I am that they don’t make them anymore.


Squeeze It

Squeeze It Squeeze Its were the party drinks of my childhood. Kind of like Capri Suns are these days. They came in all sorts of colors and the top twisted right off. Then you could just squeeze the yummy drink inside right into your mouth. I’m pretty sure Fruit Punch was the most coveted flavor when I was hanging out with my friends. Which flavor was the one you always picked?


3D Doritos

3D Doritos I cannot bring a bag of Doritos into my house without wanting to eat them non-stop. You can still find lots of flavors and bags of Doritos at the grocery store, but you can no longer get the 3D Doritos that were so popular for a few short years. Remember how the flavor was just so much better coating those little triangles of deliciousness? I miss those guys. What about you?


Ecto Cooler

Ecto Cooler There was a time during the 1980s and 1990s when Ghostbusters everything was cool. Lunchboxes, Slimer cereal, t-shirts and the ultimate in Hi-C flavors. Ecto-Cool. Did you ever sample that lime green wonder that didn’t really taste like citrus at all? The boxes even had a picture of Slimer the Ghost on the front. If you never had the chance to drink one of these, you were totally missing out. Alas, you can’t get this flavor anymore since Ghostbusters isn’t the “it” movie anymore.

What food from your childhood do you miss the most? My mom didn’t go for much of these things, but I did enjoy them at friends’ houses. Did you ever get lucky enough to eat any of the items on this list?

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Mexico has 3D Doritos!

Ecto cooler and pudding pops- yum! That takes me back....

French Toast Crunch was thee best cereal ever! I wish they'd bring it back.

They still make squeez-it's!! I buy those exact mondo fruit squeezers at the dollar tree! Shh.. Our little secret!

Pudding pops are available but they are called Fudge bars

Starburst joosters! Can't get in the uk now :(

I have only heard of the pudding pops...guess I'm too old, lol!

What about dunkaroos?! I'm still able to find them from time to time

Oreo cereal i miss! But i miss all of these too.

Clearly Canadian.... any flavor!

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