7 Low Carb Options for Thanksgiving ...


7 Low Carb Options for Thanksgiving  ...
7 Low Carb Options for Thanksgiving  ...

Are you trying to think of some low carb options for Thanksgiving? This article can give you some help with that. The truth is that the typical Thanksgiving dinner has a lot of carbs in it. Thankfully you can enjoy the holiday without wrecking your low carb diet plan with these low carb options for Thanksgiving.

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Turkey Turkey is a good choice in low carb options for Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much the main centerpiece of the meal so this one’s a given you can count on. Turkey is also a low calorie choice in comparison with other meats. To get the most health benefits, choose white meat over dark. You can also make all kinds of low carb meals with turkey leftovers.


Green Beans

Green Beans Green beans are a low carb option. They’re a common staple at Thanksgiving meals, too. There are many ways that they can be cooked, some of which add a lot of fat content. But if you’re watching your carbs most of all, this is a safe choice for you. They’re also low calorie unless a lot of extras are added to them in the process of seasoning them.



Salad Salad is a great low carb choice. There are many different types of salads that fit the low-carb criteria. From basic vegetables to more exciting options, there’s a lot of variety in salads that are low carb. If you’re invited as a guest to someone else’s Thanksgiving dinner, offering to bring a salad would be a good idea. It’s something that it’s okay to have more than one of at a holiday dinner. It will also allow you to know there’s another low-carb option for you to choose from.



Ham Ham isn’t quite as healthy as turkey but it’s low carb. Ham can be a delicious alternative to a turkey. It’s something that you don’t want to have too often if you have to be careful with your sodium intake but it’s usually okay for a special occasion. There are many different ways that you can fix a ham. The glazes can be especially yummy.


Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs Deviled eggs are a great side dish to have at Thanksgiving dinner. They’re a great shot of protein and they’re low carb. If you’re the one preparing them, there are many different ways that you can do this. Do a search for recipes and you’re sure to find a lot to choose from. Deviled eggs are a great crowd pleaser, too.


Cauliflower Variations

Cauliflower Variations There’s really a lot that you can do with cauliflower. It used to be that people only ate cauliflower as a raw veggie with dip or steamed. There are tons of recipes that you can make with cauliflower now. You can actually make mashed cauliflower to stand in place of mashed potatoes or make it with a cheesy sauce in place of mac and cheese. It’s going to be lower calorie than the traditional mashed potatoes or mac and cheese, too.


Low Carb Desserts

Low Carb Desserts No meal is complete without dessert, right? Thankfully, there are tons of low carb desserts that can be made. You can use a variety of alternative sweeteners to stand in for sugar. If you’re hankering for the traditional dessert of pie after Thanksgiving dinner, you don’t have to miss out. There are low carb recipes for many different pies that you can choose from.

These are 7 low carb options for Thanksgiving dinner. What’s your favorite low carb choice at Thanksgiving? Share your thoughts here.

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