7 Autumn Fruits That You Should Be Eating This Fall ...


Even though the fruit that's available in the autumn isn't nearly as abundant as the fruit that's available in the summer, there are actually some great seasonal autumn fruits that you can look forward to eating. All of the fruit that's available in the fall is tasty, delicious, and healthy. Seasonal fall fruit is also a refreshing alternative to the heavier food people tend to eat in the colder months. So, if you love fruit and have been missing summer’s bounty, there's no need to despair. All of these autumn fruits will satisfy your fruit /sweet craving.

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Apples Apples are one of the quintessential autumn fruits. Every fall you can see crates full of apples at farmers’ markets. Personally, I get very excited for apple season and buy pounds of apples when I go to the farmer’s market. The apples are so crisp and fresh! If you happen to have a farmer’s market that you go to, try getting some of the lesser known varieties of apples, like Winesap or Mutsu. Each type of apple tastes very different, and fall is the perfect time to try all of the different varieties.



Pears Although you can get pears at the grocery store year round, they're best in the fall, when they're actually in season. They're so sweet, and make such a great snack! Like apples, there are many different varieties of pears. So, you should go ahead and try as many different varieties as you can. I favor Anjou pears. What about you?



Pomegranates I wait all year for pomegranates to come in season. They're so delicious, because they're the right combination of tart and sweet. The best pomegranates start being available in late October and early November, which means you have to wait for most of fall for them to be available. However, they're worth the wait because they taste so good!



Cranberries Cranberries are not a fruit that most people think of eating. In fact, cranberries usually only make an appearance as cranberry jelly. However, there are actually other uses for this tart fruit. They make excellent smoothies when they're blended with oranges and bananas. They also taste great when roasted along with vegetables because they add a nice tart bite.



Grapes Grapes are a fruit that people eat by the handful. They're delicious, and they make a great healthy snack that kids and adults love. If you have a chance, try some concord grapes this fall. They're a nice treat and a change from the globe grapes that you always find in the grocery store.



Figs Figs start making an appearance in grocery stores in early fall. They can be pricy, but they're worth it. They have a wonderful sweet flavor that's not too intense. Figs do have delicate skin, so if you're going to buy them, make sure you eat them right away.



Persimmons The first time I saw a persimmon, I thought it was an odd looking tomato, and was very surprised to learn that persimmons are actually a sweet fruit. When you get persimmons, you have to make sure they're fully ripe before you eat them. Unripe persimmons are very astringent. Therefore, make sure they a plump and juicy before you take a bite.

Fall may not have the abundance of fruit that summer has, but there are some fantastic fruits that are in season during the fall. All of the fruits are very tasty, and they will have you forgetting about the juicy watermelon you were eating months ago. Which of these fall fruits is your favorite?

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