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10 Foods to Give You Energy All Day ...

By Andrijana

So you're looking for foods to give you energy all day?

The stamina you have during the day is affected by the foods that you eat. Nutrients like vitamin C, protein, complex carbohydrates and fiber are important for feeling energetic and increasing your energy during the day. If you want more get up and go during the day, you need to eat the proper foods. No more feeling tired and sluggish. Here are the best foods to give you energy all day.

1 Oatmeal

food, vegetarian food, breakfast, superfood, dish,Oatmeal is one of the best foods to give you energy all day. It provides a lot of energy that lasts for hours. It contains complex carbs and is an unprocessed food that your body digests slowly so that you don’t feel the need to eat again until your next meal comes. This slow digestion keeps your blood sugar at an appropriate level and helps you avoid the crash that comes with burning simple carbohydrates. One bowl of oatmeal is all you need to get through the morning.

2 Sweet Potatoes

dish, vegetable, food, carrot, vegetarian food,Sweet potatoes are a great source of complex carbohydrates and are recommended after working out to keep your energy levels up. Eating sweet potatoes helps you get nutrients that improve muscle tissue. Baked or steamed sweet potatoes do a great job of increasing your stamina.


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3 Green Leafy Vegetables

leaf vegetable, vegetable, kale, food, chard,Leafy green veggies are a healthy source of micronutrients and are important for boosting energy and helping you get through the day. They are also rich in fiber, which digests slowly and helps maintain healthy glucose levels.

4 Salmon

smoked salmon, dish, food, salmon, vegetable,Salmon is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which provide a lot of healthy benefits, including burning fat. It also improves the immune system and boosts cardiovascular health by relieving inflammation and pain.

5 Eggs

dish, food, vegetarian food, egg, fried egg,An egg is one of the best sources of energy you'll find, especially if you eat both the whites and the yolks. Eggs provide protein and nutrients that will boost your energy and it is recommended to eat them half an hour after a workout. They're also a healthy choice before your exercise.

6 Beet Juice

still life photography, drink, still life, food,Beet juice is a drink full of nutrients that can increase your energy levels very fast. If you are working out, beet juice is recommended after every set so you can exercise longer.

7 Walnuts

tree nuts, walnut, nuts & seeds, nut, superfood,Walnuts are other option for getting omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Carry a bag of walnuts with your for a quick energy boost anytime you need it.

8 Whey Protein

dessert, dairy product, nut butter, ice cream, milkshake,Whey is rich source of all 9 amino acids that are needed in the body and is a convenient food that contains high quality protein. If you want to increase your muscle gain, whey protein can help. It boosts digestion and may also give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. What more could a girl ask for?

9 Skim Milk

tableware, breakfast, food, dish, flavor,Another food that is perfect to drink after exercising in order to rebuild your muscle tissue and increase the amount of protein in your diet is skim milk. In fact, research shows that a glass of chocolate milk is one a premier choice after exercise.

10 Coconut Water

eyewear, lingerie, girl, undergarment, brassiere,This is the best natural drink and provides a lot of energy. Sip it before or after a workout for all the energy you need to get the job done.

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