7 Healthy Toppings for Toast That Are Delicious ...


7 Healthy Toppings for Toast That Are Delicious ...
7 Healthy Toppings for Toast That Are Delicious ...

I'm here to share some healthy toppings for toast. Toast is a classic food that is about as simple and humble as breakfast, lunch or even dinner can get! Though you usually only use bread and something spreadable like butter, toast can actually be transformed into a really healthy snack if you know the right kinds of ingredients to pair it with. In order to help you pimp your own toast, here are seven suggestions for healthy toppings for toast that will provide a healthy and delicious twist.

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Ricotta Cheese

In comparison to something like jam, ricotta is packed with way more protein and contains much less sugar. Great with fruit or honey added! This is one of my favorite healthy toppings for toast.



Give your toast an Italian edge by slicing up some tomatoes. It will feel more like a bruschetta than standard toast, and who wouldn’t want that? I like mine sprinkled with celery salt and I have a friend who spreads the toast with pesto.


Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a great low-calorie toast topping but still packs some flavour. It’s full of protein so will leave you fuller for longer.



If you love hummus and crackers, then you will love hummus on toast too! It’s creamy and nutty and super high in protein, and will definitely keep you full until lunch!



Sure, it’s the hipster food trend of the moment, but that’s only because it’s absolutely delicious and super healthy to boot! Pair avocado with tomatoes and some salt and pepper for the perfect snack.


Nut Butter

Toast is the perfect platform for try all the different types of nut butters that you have been thinking of exploring. There is so much more than peanut butter out there, so give them a try!



And we can’t forget the humble egg: small in size but a king of the breakfast table! Whether you go scrambled, poached or hard boiled, eggs and toast go together like peas and carrots!

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