9 Foods You Should Never Eat past Their Expiry Date ...


Food labels can be a bit of minefield but they can impart important information and they certainly help with foods you should never eat past their expiry date! The expiry date (which is different to the best before or use before date) is something you should pay attention to. Some foods are perfectly safe to eat after their expiry date, others you shouldn’t take such liberties with. (Although some people have cast iron stomachs and can remain unaffected by bacteria that can cause tummy upsets and food poisoning.) Take note of these foods you should never eat after their expiry date. (Or eat at your own risk!)

1. Mixed Greens

Mixed Greens

Mixed greens are one of the foods you should never eat past their expiry date. The packaged leafy greens might look harmless however, there will be bacteria and pathogens hidden. Mixed greens usually wilt and grow a slimy coat when they have gone off, though some appear to be fresh long after they actually are. Stay safe and avoid eating this food passed the expiry by date.

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