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Make Your Own Garbage Bag Snack Mix with This Simple Recipe ...

By Leiann

Perfect suggestion for the huge family to snack on economically.

If your family likes to snack and snacks are so expensive, you get stuck on what to do. A garbage bag snack mix has come to your rescue!

Simple: Go to the local dollar store and buy as many $1.00 boxes or bags of snacks that you can afford and some freezer or sandwich baggies. Then, open the snack boxes or bags and dump into a garbage bag. Mix and shake the garbage bag up. Finally, distribute the snack mix into individual size baggies! You should have enough snack mix for at least one month.

Easy, tasty, frugal, filling.

This is also a good suggestion for those who like to buy in bulk, those who are in college/university, those wanting to provide to a homeless shelter, etc.

Thank you for watching!

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