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Appetizers Something for Any Picky Eater

By Leiann

If they don't like one, they can choose from another. These appetizers go from the ham lovers, to the chicken lovers to the non-meat eaters at your party and/or simply someone with a sweet tooth.

1 Olive, Ham and Cheese Roll-ups

Personally, I do not eat ham. Often, I am asked if I am Jewish! No, I am not Jewish. I simply do not like ham. A suggestion? Use a different lunch meatl! I love pepperoni and salami. So, anyway, if you don't like ham either for whatever reasons, how about the next two recipes?

2 Kicking Chicken Cups

This is sure to please the lovers of spicy hot, creamy, and crunchy!

3 Strawberry Shortcake on a Stick

For the person who shows up at your party not liking anything! Also, for those showing up at your party with a sweet tooth.

Now have a nice time at your party and know that there is something for everyone. You can sit down and chat with your company without worrying. Good job!

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