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7 Genius Ways to Use Cereal when You Cook ...

By Eliza

There are more ways to use cereal than to get a quick breakfast on the table. The right kind of cereal has nutritional benefits that can revamp mealtime. Plus, cereal can add flavor and texture to meals, making them something to get excited about. If you want to try something new in the kitchen, check out all of these wonderful ways to use cereal. Don’t be afraid to let me know how it all turns out.

1 Coat Meat

Crushed cereal is a great way to give your meat a crunchy coating without all the fat and calories that come from frying it. Simply dredge your chicken breasts or fish fillets in corn flakes or oat cereal and bake it. You’ll wind up with a crunchy main course that will leave you satisfied, even without frying. And it’s so easy to do that it’s one of the best ways to use cereal when you cook.

2 Bind Meats

Speaking of preparing meat, cereal is a wonderful way to bind ground beef for meatloaf or meatballs. And it allows you to enjoy these tasty dishes even if you can’t eat breadcrumbs. Use alternative options if you’re gluten-free or have food allergies so you can still eat your favorites. For example, oats make a great alternative that won’t alter the flavor at all.

3 Top Ice Cream

Cereal makes a perfect ice cream topping and gives it a pleasant crunch as the same time. You can crush it up a little if you want, or just toss a handful into your bowl before you chow down. Who knew cereal could make a simple dessert fancier and more delicious that it already is?

4 Make a Crunchy Pasta Topping

You know how delicious macaroni and cheese tastes when it gets all crunchy and golden on top? You can get just that with cereal. It also works well for making tuna casserole and other pasta dishes crunchy on top. It’s best to grind the cereal and sprinkle it on top for just a couple minutes at the end of the cooking time. Otherwise it might burn or get too soggy.

5 Make Bars

Bars can be a healthy way to start your day and also make a great snack. Kids love them! Using the right kind of cereal can increase your intake of fiber, B vitamins, iron and much more. The trick is finding a recipe that is low in sugar. Scour the internet and there’s no chance you won’t find a bar that you’ll love eating.

6 Make Cookies Crunchier

Adding cereal to your cookie batter makes for a crunchy dessert that no one will be able to resist. It also means you can spread your batter further, making more cookies without increasing your recipe. Also, you can add nutrition to your favorite cookie recipe. Mix and match your favorite cereals and see what you can come up with.

7 Trail Mix

There’s no rule that says trail mix has to be made with granola. In fact, some of the best trail mix I’ve ever had was made with dry cereal. Start with your favorite kind, then add mini chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit and pretzels. This energizing snack is perfect for lunchboxes and hikes through the woods.

Do you cook with cereal? I hope this list has given you some fun new ideas to try in the kitchen. What are your other ideas?

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