Get Classy in the Kitchen with These Fancy Egg Recipes ...


Get Classy in the Kitchen with These Fancy Egg Recipes ...
Get Classy in the Kitchen with These Fancy Egg Recipes ...

You might not think eggs are a classy ingredient, but they can be. Ever heard of toad in the hole? Otherwise known as a slice of toast with a hole in it that you put an egg in. Well, things are about to get gourmet, thanks to Food Network magazine. They’ve gone and classed up egg in a hole by making it something worthy of serving any of your guests. Or, you can keep it all to yourself. Either way, here are some yummy egg recipes you will crave time and time again.

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Waffles and Eggs

This is a great twist on the classic egg in a hole recipe. Grab a couple of Eggos and toast them up to perfection. Then lay them on a plate and cut a hole from the center of each. Crack a fresh egg into each reservoir and bake the egg-filled waffles at 375 degrees until set. This will take about 5 minutes. Add some salt and pepper just before serving.


Portobellos for Breakfast

Is there anything better than a cooked mushroom cap? They make a wonderful burger, but you can totally have them for breakfast too. Remove the stem from a Portobello mushroom cap to create a small hole. Crack an egg into the hole and bake the mushroom cap on a baking sheet until the mushroom is soft and cooked through and the egg is set. This one is perfect with a couple of scoops of spicy salsa and some melted cheddar cheese.


Leftover Pizza in the Morning

Did you eat the whole pie or do you have a couple of slices leftover? You are going to be glad you stuck a few in the refrigerator once you taste this yummy idea for eggs. It turns out that putting an egg on a pizza is sort of a gourmet trend happening right now. Copy it at home by cutting a circle from a slice of pizza and putting an egg in it. Stick the concoction in the oven and the pizza will heat up and the egg will set at the same time.


Grilled Cheese, Anyone?

Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich? Go ahead and give in to a morning craving for one. Prepare your sandwich by buttering the bread and putting a slice of cheese inside. Grill it on one side, then cut a hole in the sandwich and flip it over. Crack an egg into the hole and finish grilling the sandwich while the egg cooks. Add another slice of melted cheese on top just before serving.


The Diner Special

When I go for breakfast in a diner, I want to indulge in something I don’t get to eat very often. Like ham steak and eggs. You can easily create a similar meal at home. And it’s really easy too! Simply grill a thick ham steak on one side, flip it over and cut out a small hole for the egg. Go ahead and eat the ham circle while you wait. Top the entire meal with gravy if you like. Yum!


Mexican Fiesta

Mexican food is some of my favorite! And there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy it for your morning meal. Place a corn tortilla in a hot skillet and toast it gently for a minute on one side. Flip it over and add an egg on top. Place the entire skillet into the oven and bake at 350 degrees until the egg is cooked and the tortilla gets nice and crispy. Add salsa, cheese, avocado slices and black beans to serve.


Craving Something Sweet?

This one is going to sound weird, but give it a chance. Take a glazed donut and create a well in the center of it. Crack your egg into the space and bake the creation until the egg sets. You are going to love the mixture of sweet and savory that comes together in this morning meal.

Which one will you try first? Do you have any other ideas for making egg in a hole?

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