7 Easy Scrumptious Pasta Recipes ...


7 Easy Scrumptious Pasta Recipes ...
7 Easy Scrumptious Pasta Recipes ...

Pasta Recipes are, in my opinion, among the easiest meals to prepare in the kitchen. You just cook the pasta. Next, you prepare the sauce. Then, you combine the cooked pasta and the sauce. Et voilà, you have a complete meal! There are so many sauces out there, of course, that you are bound to find something that might be a little difficult to prepare. But in most cases, I find that most pasta recipes are quite easy to make. And what's amazing about pasta recipes is that you can experiment with them. I do that myself sometimes... especially when I forget to buy an ingredient. Haha. Now here are 7 Easy Scrumptious Pasta Recipes you can prepare... especially if you're a novice cook.

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Pesto is quite a recent discovery for me. Someone introduced it to me about a year ago and I have been in love with it ever since. Now, this recipe can be made with any string pasta. Personally, I prefer to use flat pasta, such as fettuccine, instead of the cylindrical ones—more pasta for the sauce to cover then. And if you've made too much pesto sauce, you can just refrigerate the rest and it will keep for about a week. You can then have pesto every day for a week without having to prepare any more sauce! Yummy!


Now, who can forget one of the most popular and easiest of pasta recipes? And this version is even easier than the common mac and cheese recipe because you're going to be using a microwave instead of a regular oven. You can also opt to put more cheese in it than what's suggested in the recipe. The cheesier it is the better. In my opinion, you can't have too much cheese in macaroni and cheese.


Spaghetti, I think, is one of the most popular pasta recipes for children. In fact, most children's parties I have been to, served spaghetti. And most children I know love spaghetti. My nieces in particular would always assume we're having a party if I make this for dinner. Cute tykes. Now this recipe has a much shorter cooking time because you're going to be using capellini, which is a kind of round pasta just like spaghetti but only smaller in diameter. And you'll be cooking the pasta right in the sauce, which would make it more scrumptious. Sounds mouth-watering, doesn't it?


In this recipe, you'll be using penne, which is a type of tube pasta with ridges. This is quite a flavorful dish that would only take you a little over half an hour to cook. It's an easy pasta recipe with just the right amount of fresh zestiness in it. Perfect for those who love pasta but don't really care for those rich tomato or thick cream pasta sauces.


Personally, I love seafood with pasta; so it's no wonder I love this recipe. I'm allergic to crab meat though, so I usually just use the fake kind. The dish still tastes yummy despite that little “switcheroo” so you'll hear no complaints from me about it. And this dish is both spicy and tangy, which, I think, makes it a little bit more delightful to the palate than most pasta recipes.

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Well, this one would be a perfect dish to serve those who are trying to go the healthy route. Tuna is full of good omega-3 fats that are good for the heart while sweet peas have all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are all good for you. And it takes only 15 minutes to prepare! It’s the perfect dish to prepare after a busy day.


This recipe has quite a cute name, don't you think? The name actually made me smile when I first read it. I think it's aptly called “Lazy Lasagna” because you'll be using ready-made frozen ravioli in place of lasagna sheets and it only takes about half an hour to prepare. And since you'll be using the cheese-stuffed ravioli, it means the pasta already has flavor... which makes the dish doubly delicious. Also, among the other pasta recipes in this list, this would be safe enough to serve lacto-vegetarians since it doesn't have any kind of meat in it.

Are you as fond of pasta recipes as I am? Have you prepared any of the pasta recipes in this list before? Well, I love pasta and if I could have it every day, I would. I just have so many favorite dishes that I don't think I have enough time in one day to entertain all these cravings I get. Well, whichever pasta recipe you might choose to make, don't be afraid to experiment. Replace an ingredient you might not like or cannot find, or adjust the measurements of another. Who knows? You might be able to invent the next delicious sauce and make your own pasta recipes.

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