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7 Great Sources of Zinc for Vegans ...

By Chelsie

Protein, Vitamin B12, and iron are nutrients that tend to come up in a conversation about vegan nutrition; however, zinc is important too, and there are some great sources of zinc for vegans. Zinc is a critical nutrient that is important for immunity and reproductive health. Unfortunately, vegans can run low on zinc, because plant sources of zinc are not absorbed as well as animal sources. Despite, this it is possible for vegans to get enough zinc; they just need to make sure that they eat some of these wonderful foods that are great sources of zinc for vegans every day.

1 Amaranth

AmaranthAmaranth is an ancient grain that is native to Peru and was domesticated between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago. This grain, which is technically a seed, has clearly been around for a while. Perhaps it has endured for so long because it is so healthy. Amaranth has 14 percent of your daily requirement of zinc, as well as impressive amounts of protein and calcium. So, you will want to make sure you include it, and other great sources of zinc for vegans, in your diet, often.

2 Oats

OatsWho doesn’t love a nice hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning? It is so comforting, especially on cold days. Since oatmeal is such a great breakfast, you will be happy to know that oats are an excellent source of zinc. One cup of uncooked oatmeal contains 20 percent of your daily requirement of zinc. That’s pretty impressive for a heartwarming bowl of oats!

3 Quinoa

QuinoaQuinoa has become an extremely popular pseudo-grain in recent years. It is a complete protein and has a wonderful flavor and fluffy texture. It is also a good source of zinc for vegans. Just 1 cup of cooked quinoa has 13 percent of your daily requirement of zinc.

4 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin seeds conjure up images of carving pumpkins for Halloween. They are a wonderful fall treat that you can also eat year round, which is great since they are high in zinc. A single serving of pumpkin seeds has 19 percent of your daily recommended value of zinc, which is why you should sprinkle them on your salads often. They will give you the crunch you want, with a good amount of zinc.

5 Hemp Seeds

Hemp SeedsHemp seeds are wonderful seeds that have a nutty, buttery flavor. They are also very nutritious. They have protein, essential fatty acids, and, you guessed it, zinc. These tiny little seeds actually pack an impressive amount of zinc in them. One serving will provide you with a quarter of your daily requirement of zinc! The good news is these are so tasty you will want to sprinkle them on everything!

6 Lentils

LentilsLentils are a fantastic legume for vegans. They are rich in protein, B vitamins, and minerals. Eating one cup of lentils will give your 17 percent of your daily value of zinc. You can enjoy lentils in a hearty soup, stew or a delicious curry.

7 Black Beans

Black BeansBlack beans are another legume that will help you get enough zinc in your diet. They have 13 percent of the daily recommended value of zinc in one cup, which you can easily eat if you pile black beans onto your burrito or eat bowls of hearty black bean soup.

As you can see, vegans can easily get enough zinc into their diet. If you are a vegan, including these delicious foods in your diet will help you meet your daily zinc requirements, which is 11 milligrams for adult men and 8 milligrams for adult women. Which of these foods will you add into your diet for a boost in zinc?,,,,,,,,

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