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7 Fruits That Fight Fatigue and Reduce Hunger All in One ...

By Heather

Fruit is a wonderful source of carbohydrates that provide energy to our active bodies and some fruits that reduce hunger are also the best to improve your energy. If you’re feeling fatigued and slightly peckish, your metabolism might not be getting the best types of carbohydrates for your body’s needs. Grains are harder to digest than fruit, even though their carbohydrates are supposed to provide energy. Yet if your digestive system isn’t the best or your body needs a break, heavier grain-based items may cause you to be tired instead of giving you the energy you need. That’s where these fruits that prevent fatigue and reduce hunger come into play. Add three of these to your day and space them out for the best results.

1 Apples

ApplesApples are high in pectin, making them one of the best fruits that reduce hunger that you can eat. Pectin is a form of fiber that helps remove excess fat and cholesterol from the blood. It also soaks up water like a sponge so it helps you stay fuller longer. Apples are also a great source of glucose, which helps give your body and brain premium energy. All varieties of apples count so just choose your favorite and eat up!

2 Bananas

BananasBananas are also high in pectin so they help fill you up but won’t fill you out. They also give you top notch energy due to their glucose and B vitamin combination. Bananas also contain magnesium, which is a critical mineral your body needs to fight stress and keep you going strong all day long. It’s often depleted during stress and bananas deliver just the right amount that can help you feel better (and fuller) quickly.

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3 Pears

PearsPears are much like apples in their nutrient profile, especially when it comes to pectin content. Pears contain almost 6 grams of fiber per fruit, which is more than most other fruits you’ll find at the store. They’re also incredibly easy to digest and perfect to enjoy when your sweet tooth hits. Pears are also very alkaline so they help protect your joints from acidity that triggers inflammation.

4 Coconut

CoconutCoconut is actually a fruit, not a nut, and it’s one of the best fruits that reduce hunger due to its healthy fat content. Though coconut is very low in carbs, its fats help provide energy to the body since they’re medium chain triglyceride fats, also known as MCT fats. MCT fats are processed immediately by the liver to produce energy instead of being stored as fat. Choose raw coconut that’s unsweetened for the energizing and filling benefits.

5 Cacao

CacaoCacao is also a fruit and one of the best foods to eat if you suffer both fatigue and constant hunger. Cacao is richer in magnesium and iron than any other food, which can contribute to appetite regulation along with higher levels of energy. Always opt for raw cacao products, such as powder or nibs.

6 Pumpkin

PumpkinPumpkin is also technically a fruit since it’s a member of the squash family. It’s a great source of complex carbs and contains more fiber than actual sugar. Pumpkin can be eaten raw or cooked but either way, it works great for keeping you full due to its high water and fiber content. Canned and fresh both count, so choose whichever one you prefer or have access to.

7 Berries

BerriesBerries are packed with fiber and energizing benefits, mainly in the form of antioxidants like Vitamin C. Berries also help fight stress, both internally and from the environment. Have a half cup a day to start and increase to one cup daily for the best results. Blackberries and raspberries contain the most fiber but acai berries, blueberries, goji berries, and strawberries are also worth getting into your diet.

These fruits that reduce hunger will make you feel sensational and satisfied all in one. What are some of your favorites? Do you have any favorite ways to enjoy them?


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