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I love me some Italian pasta, but as we all know it has no vitamins, minerals, and barely any fiber, which is unfortunate, but this crisis can be averted with the help of some of the healthiest types of pasta! So if you are a pasta lover like myself, make a healthy switch to a much better alternative and feed your body with something nourishing. To start off, here are some of the healthiest types of pasta for you to pick from!

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Quinoa Pasta

Quinoa Pasta If you look at the back of your regular pasta box it will usually say that it’s fortified with vitamins and minerals, which basically means that it’s garbage for your body! However, quinoa pasta is made from quinoa seed, which is a super food powerhouse and is naturally loaded with plenty of nutrients. Moreover, quinoa pasta is gluten free and it’s an amazing source of protein and fiber. So you no longer have to feel guilty, because you'll be eating one of the healthiest types of pasta!


Brown Rice Pasta

Brown Rice Pasta The difference between white and brown rice is not just the color, but also the nutritional value. Brown rice is the ‘unrefined’ version of white rice with a lot more fiber, antioxidants, naturally occurring oils and minerals. So you can only imagine how much healthier brown rice pasta is than regular pasta. Yes, the texture might be a little different if you are not used to it, but it can perfectly complement any sauces or toppings.


Corn Pasta

Corn Pasta Corn pasta is usually a blend of maize with some other type of grain, such as rice or quinoa, and it’s the perfect alternative for those with celiac disease or wheat allergies. Corn pasta is gluten free and it comes with a delicate texture, so you can be happy and healthy enjoying one of your dishes without putting your body at risk!


Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat A lot of people detest whole wheat pasta because of its texture and flavor, but to be honest it tastes just the same! So why indulge in something that is harmful instead of eating something similar with long-lasting benefits? Plus whole wheat pasta noticeably has more fiber, grams of protein, vitamins and minerals than all white pastas put together!


Barley Meal Pasta

Barley Meal Pasta Barley is naturally high in fiber and it can be used to make nutrient-rich pasta. Statistics actually show that barley meal pasta is much better for you than oat flour or whole wheat pasta, so it’s nice to have variety among healthy alternatives!


Buckwheat Pasta

Buckwheat Pasta Buckwheat is delicious and healthy in its own form, so it’s comforting to know that it can be used for a healthy pasta variation. Buckwheat pasta actually ends up having a purplish color, which is perfect if you want more color in your dishes, and it's ridiculously high in fiber. This is definitely something you should be adding to your shopping list.


Spelt Pasta

Spelt Pasta You can buy spelt pasta in food stores or actually make it yourself using spelt flour. It’s considered a healthy alternative to white pasta because of its higher protein and fiber content. Spelt pasta does have an interesting nutty flavor, but it’s something that can be used to your advantage in dishes like spaghetti and stir-fry meals.

If you are ready to start a health kick but are not prepared to let go of your favorite pasta dishes, don’t stress because there are healthier solutions that can replace your love for the nutritionless white pasta! What are your favorite alternatives to white pasta? Share your health tips in the comments!

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pasta is filled with protein , thiamin and many other essential nutrients , iron , go so some research then write an article about pasta . one more garbage writer in here who knows nothing

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