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7 Secrets to Keeping Healthy Food Fresher Longer for Girls Not Wanting to Shop Daily ...

By Holly

If you want to keep yourself healthy, you need to eat the right foods. You can't just buy a bag of groceries from the supermarket and keep it on your countertop until you're ready to eat, because each item needs to be taken care of in a particular way. Here are Cosmopolitan's hacks for keeping your healthy food fresh:

1 Put Paper Towels in the Salad Drawer

Put Paper Towels in the Salad DrawerLining the drawer with paper towels will absorb condensation, which should keep your veggies fresh and your fridge clean.

2 Don't Separate Bananas

Don't Separate BananasWait until you eat bananas to separate them, because keeping the stems together will prevent them from going brown.


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3 Place Your Apples in with Your Potatoes

Place Your Apples in with Your PotatoesThe gas that apples produce will keep your potatoes fresh for longer.

4 Keep Apples Away from Other Foods

Keep Apples Away from Other FoodsPotatoes are the only things you should keep your apples around, because it's dangerous to place them near your other fruits.

5 Keep Your Tomatoes out of the Fridge

Keep Your Tomatoes out of the FridgeTomatoes won't taste as juicy if they're in the fridge, so keep them on your counters.

6 Wrap Celery in Aluminum Foil

Wrap Celery in Aluminum FoilAluminum foil will allow the gas that spoils your celery to escape, so that it'll stay crisp.

7 Keep Mushrooms in a Paper Bag

Keep Mushrooms in a Paper BagMoisture is bad for mushrooms, which is why you should store them in paper bags to keep them clean and dry.

Now you don't have to worry about eating disgusting fruits and veggies. What other hacks have you learned to keep your healthy food fresh?

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