7 Reasons Why Almonds Should Be on Your Shelf ASAP ...


7 Reasons Why Almonds Should Be on Your Shelf ASAP ...
7 Reasons Why Almonds Should Be on Your Shelf ASAP ...

Have you got a packet of almonds in your cupboard? Buy some! Almonds are an excellent item to have on your shelf, especially if you like to snack. Nuts are a far healthier snack than cookies or chocolate, and an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. So here's why you should stock up on almonds …

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High in Protein

Nuts and seeds are a good source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, but you don't have to be vegan to take advantage of this healthy protein option. Other sources of protein such as red meat can be high in saturated fat, so it's best to limit your intake. Almonds, on the other hand, are low in saturated fat as well as giving you protein.


They Help Your Heart

We do need some fats in our diet, but saturated fats increase our risk of heart disease - and anything we can do to help reduce that risk is worthwhile. Almonds are a good source of the healthy unsaturated fats that we need. They also contain other ingredients that will help make your heart healthy and can help lower cholesterol.


Vitamins & Minerals

It's easy to get your Vitamin C from fruit and vegetables, but do you ever think about the other vitamins and minerals that you need? Almonds are a good source of Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium, all of which also help strengthen your heart; Vitamin E is an antioxidant, magnesium helps blood flow, and potassium helps your blood pressure.



We hear so much about the importance of including foods with antioxidants in your diet, but why do we need them? They deal with free radicals, which are a by-product of the body turning food into energy and can cause damage. And almonds are a very good source of antioxidants. For most benefit, eat almonds with their skins on though.


They're a Healthy Snack & Fill You up

Are you always snacking on unhealthy foods? Yes, me too. It's time we overhauled our diet and replaced chocolate and chips with healthier snacks. Almonds make a really good healthy snack and will help fill you up. So if you need an energy boost between meals, you know what to reach for!

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They'll Keep You at a Healthy Weight

These tasty nuts manage to pack a lot of nutritional benefits into their size. And if you're trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, then almonds should be part of your diet. Studies suggest that eating almonds regularly helps avoid weight gain, because they fill you up and help avoid sugar cravings.


They're Easy to Eat

You're sure to find a way to include almonds in your diet. Use them to make your own healthy granola, toast them to top your meal, turn them into almond milk, make a vegan 'cheese', make cakes, add them to porridge, make a sauce - there are so many ways of cooking or eating them. You can use them raw, eat them with or without skins - you can even use almond butter to make a healthy ice cream dessert! (onegreenplanet.org).

So rather than heading down the cake aisle, stock up on almonds instead. There are so many ways to include them in your diet that you shouldn't miss out on their many benefits. Just be sure to make the rest of your diet as healthy as possible - almonds can't do it all on their own!

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Let me also add that they are great in giving your metabolism a boost. I always carry a pack of almonds in my purse and there's so many ways to have them. Natural, cinnamon roasted, cocoa roasted, smoked, and more.

Eating too many bitter almonds may cause hydrogen cyanide( prussic acid ) poisoning .

Love almonds

I find the easiest way to include them daily is to buy blanched ones then grind them. I have a large spoonful on my cereal every morning.

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