You Will Not Believe What Carrot Juice Can do for You ...


You Will Not Believe What Carrot Juice Can do for You ...
You Will Not Believe What Carrot Juice Can do for You ...

Carrots are awesome and that’s not just of their gorgeous dayglo orange color – although that signature color is one of the signs that they are so good for you. They are one of the healthiest foods that are available all year round, and they are cheap, and easy to prepare. Carrot is a veritable super veg. You may eat carrots regularly but have you considered adding carrot juice to your diet? Here’s why you should think about it:

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It's Good for Your Heart

Carrot juice is a rich source of vitamin A, and drinking it can actually help improve your eyesight and prevent heart diseases and strokes. It also contains potassium that effectively reduces blood cholesterol levels.


It Prevents Cancer

It works as an anti-cancer agent mainly due to the presence of carotenoids. Drinking carrot juice regularly may help reduce the risk of developing colon, prostate, breast, and bladder cancer.


It Cleanses Your Liver

Regular consumption of carrot juice will strengthen your liver and help eliminate toxins from your body.


It Improves Your Skin

Drink a glass of carrot juice regularly and have soft, glowing skin. The potassium content in carrots makes them quite beneficial for your skin – it makes your skin flexible and reduces blemishes and scars. It also helps improve your skin tone and prevents acne by detoxifying your body.


It Keeps You Young

It wouldn't be wrong to call your glass of carrot juice the ultimate "fountain of youth", all thanks to the presence of beta-carotenoid. The beta-carotenoid turns into vitamin A and slows down the cell degeneration process, which in turn slows down the aging process. It also plays a role in improving the amount of collagen in your skin, which is important for maintaining skin elasticity and limiting the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.


It's Beneficial for Prenatal Care

Drinking carrot juice is beneficial for both the expectant mother and child. Women can drink it during pregnancy to improve the quality of breast milk – it will give it more vitamin A, which promotes fetal growth. Drinking carrot juice when you're 3 months into your pregnancy will help protect your fetus from dangerous infections.


It is Good for Weight Loss

One of many interesting benefits of carrot juice is that it improves your metabolism and helps keep your weight in check. The juice contains vitamin B complexes, and aids in breaking down fat, glucose, and protein. This in turn helps your body to build new muscles and improve your metabolism. Vitamin B complexes may also help protect you from feeling depressed and stress, which again help you maintain healthy weight.


It Gives You Power to Handle Strenuous Workouts

Along with many other beneficial nutrients, carrot juice also contains. More iron in your body means the oxygen carrying capacity of your body will improve. When you can process more oxygen, you feel yourself all charged up to handle strenuous workouts, which help you stay fit and maintain a healthy body weight.


It Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Carrot juice is safe for people with diabetes. In fact, it helps control sugar levels in your blood because it contains manganese and magnesium.


It Improves Digestion

Thanks to the fiber content, drinking carrot juice will play a big role in improving your digestive system. This will also help you feel fuller and prevent binge eating that leads to weight gain.


It Heals Wounds

Vitamin C is one of many nutrients found in carrots. It means that if you drink carrot juice, you will load your body up with vitamin C, which in turn will help heal wounds faster and keep your gums health as well.

Did you imagine carrots were such a powerhouse? Will you be adding a regular glass of carrot juice to your diet?

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I love carrots juice. Didn't know it has many benefits👌🏻👌Thx for great info

Would just eating carrots work?

Try carrot and tomato juice! It's healthy yet delicious

I thought if you ate too many carrots you'll turn orange? No joke I read that somewhere

Attribute the latter to is carrot juice...

I love carrot milk juice!

Lakewood Organic Cold pressed Carrot Juice. Ladies I swear carrot juice works miracles, I started drinking this brand, (you can juice carrots, with lots of other veggies and fruit) time isn't something I've tons of so it's Lakewood all the way! I don't rant and rave about something unless it's done great things for me and I can't begin to explain how this orange miracle juice has changed my skin, being in my early 40's, not wanting to resort to injections , not having the time to get facials any more, but wanting to look good for my age, if I could I'd walk around with an IV bag of carrot juice I would! I found out about all that's in this article and more while in a health food store. I love chatting and a woman had the most beautiful skin and hair I'd ever seen, asked her what her secret was (thinking it supplements) and she said carrot juice, needless to say, I cleared the shelf, bought 8 bottles and the rest is history. @clara, I love that combo too, it's the only way my hubby will drink carrot juice, he's fickle! I'm sorry for ranting and writing SOOO much but carrot juice has changed my skin so much in many positive ways and I've more energy now too! (A little obvious from this post!!!)

Can someone help me with preparing a homemade carrot juice??

Aha didn't know it had so many benefits! Good thing I drink it...

I'm so glad to see an article about carrot juice...I'm almost 42 and I drink a big cup of carrot juice a day and have been for about 2months, I was carded and am receiving lots of compliments on my flawless skin...The only thing I can

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