This is Why You Should Eat Tuna Fish Regularly ...

By Neecey

This is Why You Should Eat Tuna Fish Regularly ...

If you want one of the healthiest proteins with a whole slew of other nutritional benefits, the item you should be putting in your grocery cart every week is tuna. Fish is good for us and we really should eat more of it and tuna is one of the very best choices. Want to know why? (As a special treat, I’ve included some awesome tuna recipes too.)

1 It Helps the Heart

Tuna contains a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to balance the blood vessels, reduce cholesterol in your arteries and in turn improve your overall heart health.
It Helps the Heart Asian sesame grilled tuna
Source: half tomato, half potato: Asian

2 Reduces Blood Pressure

Tuna is super rich in potassium, which is a mineral that has the power to significantly lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means less risk of heart attacks, strokes and blocked arteries.
Reduces Blood Pressure Spicy tuna tempura maki
Source: Beyond Salmon: Spicy Tuna Maki

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3 Boosted Immune System

Tuna contains manganese, vitamin C, zinc and selenium, all elements that are known to have incredible boosting effects for your immune system that will help you to stay healthy.
Boosted Immune System Tuna noodle casserole
Source: Tuna Noodle Casserole - Our

4 Boosted Circulation

The iron and vitamin B that tuna contains helps to strengthen your body’s blood cells, which in turn helps to improve your circulation and the oxidation of your vital organs.
Boosted Circulation Tuna tataki
Source: Tuna Tataki Recipe キハダ鮪のたたき •

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5 Can Reduce Depression

Experts have claimed that having tuna three or four times a week can be more effective than taking Prozac! Study showed that a group of people eating tuna recorded the biggest drop in stress levels.
Can Reduce Depression Tuna salad lettuce wraps
Source: Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps The

6 Can Improve Your Eyes

We always thought carrots did the job, but the omega-3 fatty acids that tuna has in abundance can help to prevent or delay the development of a condition called macular degeneration.
Can Improve Your Eyes Tuna tartare with avocado and soy
Source: 7 Healthy Gourmet Dinners

7 Bone Strength

Tuna is also rich in vitamin D, which is an important component in strengthening your bones. The healthier your bones are, the less likely you are to suffer fractures and other problems.
Bone Strength Niçoise Salad
Source: Salade Nicoise -

8 Improves Skin

Tuna contains a trace mineral that has been proven to prevent damage to your blood cells. This in turn means that tissue repairs become easier and your skin will be smoother.
Improves Skin Ahi Tuna Salad
Source: Ahi Tuna Salad with Soy

9 Can Prevent Stroke

Five helpings of tuna a week can reduce the risk of stroke in adults by up to 30%. This is due to the fish’s vitamin B and folic acid reducing the risk of blood clots.
food, dish, meal, breakfast, produce, Tuna Rice Casserole with Spinach
Source: Delicious as it Looks: Back

10 Fight Kidney Disease

Tuna’s potassium levels means that eating the fish can really help to keep a healthy fluid balance in your kidneys, allowing them to function normally and effectively.
Fight Kidney Disease Spicy tuna over crispy rice
Source: Spicy Tuna with Crispy Rice

11 Can Prevent Cancer

The antioxidants in tuna have been proven to be able to fight cancerous cells. Numerous types of cancer actually withdraw from elements found in tuna, including breast cancer.
Can Prevent Cancer Tuna Salad Quesadilla
Source: Tuna Salad Quesadillas - Gourmet

12 Gives You Energy

The vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids and high protein values in tuna mean that the fish can improve your metabolism and give you a much needed boost of energy.
Gives You Energy Tuna potato croquettes
Source: Tuna Potato Croquettes Picture the

13 Builds Muscle

Protein is one of tuna’s shining features, which makes it the perfect food for fat loss and muscle growth, as well as speeding up metabolism.
Builds Muscle Tuna zoodle casserole with smoked paprika
Source: Tuna Zoodle Casserole with Smoked

14 Reduces Inflammation

Tuna meat has been proven to be able to reduce and suppress inflammation within the body, which is great for warding off inflammatory disease like gout or arthritis.
Reduces Inflammation Mexican chopped tuna salad
Source: 23 Cool Things To Do

15 Improves Mood

Tuna contains selenium, which irresponsible for regulating mood and appetite within humans. A lack of selenium can cause anxiety; therefore tuna will help to enhance your mood.
Improves Mood Grilled Citrus Tuna Steak with Avocado and Spinach
Source: 5 Easy Steps To The

16 Improved Brain Function

Thanks to its abundance ofomega-3 fatty acids, tuna helps your blood flow better, which in turn means that your brain is getting the best possible care that it can.
Improved Brain Function Tuna melt omelet
Source: The Iron You: Tuna Melt

17 Prevents Cell Membrane Damage

Cooked tuna breaks down in to things called peptides, which are very effective at improving the overall health and strength of our cell membranes, and healthy cell membranes make for an overall healthy person.
Prevents Cell Membrane Damage Tuna cakes with tomato salsa
Source: 23 Cool Things To Do

What excuse have you got for not eating tuna?

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Tuna may be very good for you but it's has very high mercury in it and it's bad for females who actually want to get pregnant or who are pregnant so please take care

This really needs to mention you shouldnt eat more than about 6 oz of tuna a WEEK because of its crazy high mercury content.

I love the pouch tuna. So tasty!

I had a tuna sandwich for lunch today. Love tuna!

Is canned tuna okay?

Wow i love the tuna in lettuce wrap yummy

I don't really like fish but this really makes it sound like I really need to eat more.

I love tuna. It's fabulous to know it's so good for you. 

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