7 Health Benefits of Beer Your Boyfriend is Gonna Love ...


Yes, that beer you want to have at happy hour can have some benefits. Before I tell you why beer can be healthy, let me just say that the benefits come from one per day. In this case, more beer is not better and in fact, drinking too much can cause weight gain and other health issues. Moderation is the key here. So next time you want a mug of beer, go for it. Here’s all the reasons why. Just stop with that one.

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Beer Has a Certain Amount of Antioxidants

Yes, you read that right. Because beer is made with plants (think barley, wheat and hops), it contains antioxidants, which are present in virtually any plant you can eat. Antioxidants combat free radical damage, which wards of the inflammation and oxidation that leads to a whole host of health issues, including heart disease and cancer. Granted, you don’t get as many antioxidants as you do from a salad, but the ones in beer certainly contribute to good health.


It’s Super Hydrating on a Hot Day

You know that you should be sucking down the fluids when you spend the day out in the heat, right? Turns out that many kinds of beer are more than 90 percent water, so enjoying a cold Corona by the pool is a delicious way to rehydrate so that you don’t suffer the consequences of too little fluids, which include a headache and dizziness and can even lead to death if you ignore the signs. So by all means, drink that tall frosty one right now.


It’s a Low-Calorie Choice…Compared to Other Cocktails

No, drinking cocktails will never help you lose weight. If you want to indulge in a drink now and then without wrecking your goals, beer is a way better choice than a margarita or daiquiri. Light beer is an even better choice.


Dark Beer is Pretty High in Iron

According to the brewing experts, dark beers are higher in iron than lighter versions. Your body needs iron because it helps ensure that oxygen is transported through your body to your internal organs. Without enough iron, you can suffer from anemia, which causes fatigue and lack of energy. You won’t meet all your needs from a glass of beer, but it can’t hurt.


You Can Protect Your Bones by Drinking Beer

Because many kinds of beer contain silicon, it offers some protection against developing osteoporosis. According to recent research, people who sipped a beer every day had a higher bone density than did the participants who didn’t drink beer. The silicon boosts bone building cells, helping preserve the strength and health of your skeleton.


Beer is Said to Raise Good Cholesterol, Which Wards off Heart Disease

There are good and bad kinds of cholesterol. The good kind, also called HDL cholesterol, helps keep your heart working as it should and can keep heart disease at bay. It turns out that research proves that beer helps raise HDL levels. Beer has also been shown to preserve blood vessel health, another contributor to good heart health.


Keep Your Mind Sharp with a Glass of Beer

Too much beer can cause brain fog and over time lead to irreversible brain damage. However, experts say that moderate beer drinking may help your brain stay sharp. Why? Because beer may protect blood vessels in your brain and prevent strokes, so your cognitive function stays healthy.

What’s your favorite kind of beer? Aren’t you happy that you can have a glass without guilt? Which of these perks makes you the happiest?

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I think beer is so nasty! 🙊🙊

But Beer does give you or anybody, a Jelly Belly.

Alcohol isnt always bad, it has medicinal properties

My favorite bud*

Doctors actually prescribe Guiness beer to pregnant women, what do you say to that? Its rich in iron.

I don't think beer is dehydrating. Once I went out with my sister on a hot summer day and we both weren't feeling very well because of the heat. So we sat down and drank a beer, and after that we felt much better :D

Some Women Drink worse than Men. See that Documentary about the girl that drank so much she almost killed herself. She was in the Sun newspaper, Alcohol changes skin colour to a Nasty Grey Colour, but Your face goes very Red, look at Alcoholics Faces.

@ritchie v you are too funny for school and I mean it in the most sarcastic way hehehheeh

I have so many Diamonds now on my All Women Stalk account. What Can I do with them?

Stop talking about Gummy Bears and Your Belly, Talk about Beer...

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