7 Healthiest Gas Station Foods ...


Have you ever found yourself stuck on the road, hungry, and in search for the healthiest gas station foods? If you're anything like me, taking a road trip can be a little bit scary if you haven't packed enough healthy snacks to make it through the ride. While the quote, "You should never buy your food from the same place that you buy your gas," is true; sometimes you find yourself with no other choice. I've been driving from one destination to the next, with hours to go, as well as hours to the next big town, when a delayed lunch could be delayed no longer. I have been thirsty, hungry and feeling my blood sugar drop, when just a small bite of something would tide me over. With no other food in sight, a small gas station snack would have to hold me over. Healthy eaters, fear no more, here are seven of the healthiest gas station foods that you can grab when you're in a pinch.

1. Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Although it might not look the most fresh, fruit is definitely at the top of the list for the healthiest gas station foods. Most gas stations tend to sell bananas, oranges and apples located close to the register or at the front of the store. Sometimes when you travel, your consumption of fresh fruit might decrease, therefore, this is the perfect snack to tide you over until your next healthy meal. Full of fiber, vitamins and minerals, fresh fruit is a great option when searching for a healthy snack. Choose the fruits with a thick peel, like bananas or oranges, since you don't know just how clean that fruit is! It's still a gas station after all.

Dried Fruit
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