7 Healthy Comfort Foods for Fall ...


Looking for some healthy comfort foods this fall? There are plenty of ways to eat those nostalgic comfort foods that warm you up from the inside out. The key is making strategic modifications and substitutions for healthy comfort foods that taste great and are still good for you. Check out these seven fantastic comfort foods for fall. It simply wouldnโ€™t be fall without them!

1. Pumpkin


Pumpkin is easily one of the best healthy comfort foods for fall. Too many people add a ton of sugar to pumpkin, easily taking this nutritious root vegetable and turning it into a dessert deathtrap. Think outside of the box and make more with pumpkin than just pumpkin pie! Pumpkin can be added to oatmeal for breakfast, into smoothies, or used as a substitute for sugar/butter in many cookie and cake recipes. Pumpkinโ€™s creamy consistency and rich texture make it an excellent fall comfort food.

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