7 Healthy Foods That Could Be Causing Your Acne ...


There are many foods that could cause acne that you might not be aware of, and some are from some pretty healthy sources. We all know we should avoid sugar, fast food, and many processed foods to avoid acne, but what about healthy foods? One tricky thing about health foods, is they don’t just affect our weight, hearts, and waistlines, but also our skin. Foods higher in natural acids, and natural sugars can cause acne in sensitive individuals. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat these foods, as many have benefits, but it simply means you need to watch your skin as you eat them. You may not react to them at all, or you may notice a huge difference once you remove them from your diet. These 7 foods that could cause acne tend to be the most common foods I see that people react to, but there could be others. If you notice acne out of nowhere after you introduce a new food, don’t automatically think just because it’s healthy that it won’t break you out. Always pay attention to your skin. Food has more of an effect on it than you think, and sugar and fast food aren’t always the only culprits.

1. Tomatoes


One of my favorite foods in the world is grape tomatoes, but sadly, they are one of the most common foods that could cause acne. Tomatoes are rich in natural acids, plus high levels of Vitamin C. Many people actually promote Vitamin C and tomatoes for skin health, and they can help some people’s skin, but hurt others. My mother also can’t eat them, along with a friend I have. If you notice small red bumps or pimples after eating raw tomatoes, try not eating them for a week to see if it helps. It doesn’t mean they are bad for you, but you may just be eating more than what your skin can handle. I do fine with cooked tomatoes, so try those instead.

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