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7 Healing Foods That Nourish Your Thyroid to Start Eating Now ...

By Heather

Your thyroid is one of the most important parts of your endocrine system, and certain foods for your thyroid will help it work at its peak function. The thyroid produces hormones that affect everything from your energy levels, digestion, weight, fertility and even your sex drive. They can either make you feel like you’re on top of the world, or make you feel like the whole world is on your shoulders! I suffered from a low thyroid several years ago when I was eating lots of soy, cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, lots of legumes, and many varieties of grains. I wanted to be vegan, so I loaded up on these foods, and had no idea what I was doing to myself in the process. Then I read the book, “The Thyroid Diet”, and I was amazed. The book had many helpful resources in it, but you don’t necessarily need to buy the book to get information on how to heal your thyroid. For starters, eat these 7 specific foods for your thyroid, and then check out some of the sources I’ve provided below. You’ll be feeling better in no time, I promise!

1 Coconut

CoconutCoconut, especially coconut oil, is one of the best foods for your thyroid of all and all forms of coconut are excellent. Coconut is rich in antibacterial, antiviral and healing nutrients that also spike your metabolism and heal the entire body. The lauric and capryllic acid both nourish the thyroid and help it to run at its peak. I like to bake with coconut flour or make energy bars with it, add unsweetened shredded coconut to my energy bars, smoothies, and yogurt, plus I love coconut oil to cook with, add to smoothies, or bake with. Be sure to buy raw and organic versions so you get the most nutrients.

2 Salmon

SalmonSalmon is one of the best foods you can eat, period, but it’s another top food to eat if you need to nourish your thyroid. Salmon’s complete amino acid complex, omega 3 fatty acid content, and B vitamin content make it a top food for your thyroid. The thyroid needs fats to work properly, and a low fat diet is a great way to get your thyroid to slow down fast. Salmon’s healthy fats have been linked to weight loss, preventing depression, preventing heart disease, and thyroid disease. Buy Wild Alaskan or Sockeye salmon for the healthiest varieties. Proteins from soy, legumes and grains can actually harm the function of the thyroid, so be sure you eat plenty of nourishing proteins like salmon instead.

3 Hemp Seeds

Hemp SeedsHemp seeds are another incredibly nourishing food for your thyroid. They are rich in all essential and non-essential amino acids, omega 3 fats, and zinc, copper, magnesium, iron and manganese, which your thyroid needs to function properly. As a bonus, hemp seeds are alkaline, so they prevent inflammation, and they are high fiber, so they help with regularity. Adding just 3 tbsp. a day to your diet can make a huge difference in your mood, energy levels, and your weight. Hemp seeds burn fat in the body by speeding up metabolism, and aiding in satiety.

4 Nuts

NutsAlmost all types of nuts are incredible for your thyroid, and if you’re skipping nuts out of fear they’ll make you fat, you’re making a huge mistake. Nuts actually have been proven to help people lose weight, even when eaten in the same diet as people not eating nuts. Nuts offer specific nutrients that spike the metabolism, and especially the thyroid. You’ll want to be sure you choose raw nuts for the best nutrients, and choose unsalted to avoid high sodium content. The best varieties for thyroid health include almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts. Each of these contain magnesium, selenium, protein, monounsaturated fats, omega 3 fats, zinc, iron and copper.

5 Spirulina

SpirulinaNow don’t think I’m crazy, but this sea veggie is actually incredible for your thyroid ladies! Spirulina contains a multitude of nutrients that help your thyroid, staring with iodine. Spirulina is one of the best sources of iodine, along with kelp, and its also the most protein-rich food on the planet, with just 4 grams per tablespoon. It is also incredibly alkaline, which is important for your thyroid. Inflammatory foods actually hinder thyroid function, and spirulina’s alkaline state helps bring everything back to balance. Plus, it contains Vitamins A, B12 and iron to nourish your thyroid as well. I like Nutrex brand, which is excellent and can easily be mixed into a smoothie.

6 Cacao

CacaoYep, I’m officially telling you that chocolate has another benefit for you that you might not know about! Chocolate is excellent for your thyroid. Why? Because it contains a specific nutrient composition that work magically together to repair your metabolism, thyroid and even your mental function and heart condition. Cacao is the form of chocolate you’ll need to eat for the most benefits though. Raw cacao powder or nibs is optimal, and it contains more zinc, iron, magnesium, and copper than any other food. These specific minerals are essential to thyroid health, wellness, and preventing stress.

7 Shrimp and Crab

Shrimp and CrabAll shellfish is actually excellent for your thyroid, with shrimp and crab being some of the best tasting, in my opinion. They’re another top source of iodine, amino acids ( protein), selenium, and zinc, which all help the thyroid work at its best function.

If you’re not sure if your thyroid is working properly, check out this article on 21 signs that something is going wrong: I’ve been researching thyroid health for quite a while, and can tell you that food truly can heal your thyroid. I’ve listed many of my favorite sources below, and I hope you’ll check them out if you have a thyroid problem of your own. Have you ever had a thyroid issue?


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