7 Healthy Vegetarian Fast Food Options ...


7 Healthy Vegetarian Fast Food Options ...
7 Healthy Vegetarian Fast Food Options ...

Are you are looking for healthy vegetarian fast food when you are out on the road? In a world of busy lives, balancing work and a social life, it is not always possible to prepare every meal. I am not encouraging fast food because it is always best to make your own healthy meals, however, there are times when you have no choice but to order fast food. There are times you may have to eat while on the road. So you may wonder if it is even possible to eat healthy on the go. Absolutely! You just have to know what to order. With healthy selections, you can make a choice with confidence, knowing you will not sabotage your diet. So here are some healthy vegetarian fast food options:

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Veggie Bean Bowl

In the mood for Mexican tonight but you are short on time? Then head to your local Mexican restaurant and order a veggie bean bowl or bean wrap to save on calories and time. Just make sure to watch your portion size since Mexican restaurants tend to have larger servings. If you stick to a veggie bowl you should be eating less than 400 calories and a whole lot of nutrients. And for this reason this is healthy vegetarian fast food!


Bean Burger

If you are in a local fast food restaurant looking at the burgers on the menu, make the healthiest choice and go for the beans. Bean burgers are a great option for vegetarians and if you add a whole wheat bun instead of white bread, you did it right!


Lentil or Minestrone Soup

When you are on the road and you find yourself hungry and it is time to fuel your body, look for a restaurant that serves lentil or minestrone soup. Both these soups are high in protein, complex carbs and fiber. This comfort food will fill you without loading you with fat. Just make sure to drink plenty of water since restaurants tend to load their soups with salt.


Veggie Burger on Whole Wheat Bread

Lunch time strikes and you pass the local burger joint on the road, eyeing it and wondering where you can eat. Since you do not have time to head home and make lunch, stop in your local burger joint and order a veggie burger on whole wheat bread (or without the bread). Enjoy the healthy swap while on the go!


Vegetarian Burrito Bean Bowl

Want some Mexican today but don’t want to break your healthy eating plan? Head to your local Chipotle or any other Mexican restaurant and order a vegetarian Burrito bean bowl. To save calories choose whole grain rice, tofu instead of chicken, bean and plenty of veggies. Also skip the corn to save some calories and carbs. Enjoy, as this is a healthy fast food meal. This bowl is 600 calories of nutrient dense yumminess, much different to 600 calories of fried unhealthy food.


Mixed Salad

When you are stuck in busy mode with no choice but fast food, choose a salad with dressing on the side. Mixed greens is usually the safest choice because some salads can be loaded with meats and cheeses. If you choose the veggies you can never go wrong and only put a small amount of dressing on your salad so you do not overdo it! And feel confident that you are making the healthier choice than all the high fat alternatives.


Veggie Wrap

Out on the town feeling like there is no healthy food around? Head to your local pizzeria and order a veggie wrap without dressing. Choose a whole wheat wrap to avoid white flour and know you are making a healthier swap without sacrificing taste!

With all these healthy tips, are you prepared with vegetarian options for the next time you find yourself at a fast food restaurant? Just remember it is always best to prepare your own meals, but when you are stuck ordering food on the road, just make the healthiest choice!

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Make sure soup is not made with beef or chicken stock. 90% of fast food soup uses it for soup.

How about falafel? In a wrap or a salad is pretty good.

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