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If you are going to eat healthy while in college there are some essential dorm room foods. It’s so easy with limited space and facilities to fall prey to the temptations of fast, easy and processed food but with these essential dorm room foods in your cupboard (along with the essentials in your dorm room fridge – see next article) you’ll stand a good chance of delivering your body the delicious, nutritious food it needs.

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Protein or Breakfast Bars

Protein or Breakfast Bars If there was ever one of the most essential dorm room foods, it is protein or breakfast bars. No matter what the brand is, as long as it’s packed full of nutrients you are all set – just make sure it‘s full of natural ingredients and not high in sugar. Grab one while you walk to your first class, or as a late night snack when you are cramming in the last few paragraphs of your paper.



Bananas You don’t need to keep bananas in your fridge, even if your mom does. This is a vital dorm room food because they are so cheap, but are so nutritious as well. It’s no coincidence that the best tennis players in the world eat bananas between sets – they will pick you up and give you all the potassium you need for the day.



Popcorn There will be lots of nights when you want a quick snack, but everywhere local has closed for the evening. Popcorn is a great food to have in your dorm room store because it can be bought pre-popped, and comes in a variety of flavors. If you want to avoid the Freshman 15, buy a salted or non-sugary variety.



Stevia While stevia isn’t the cheapest of ingredients for a college student’s budget, it is one of the tastiest ways to replace sugar. Some stevia in your coffee or over your breakfast cereal is a good way of limiting calories while still getting a natural boost of sweetness.


Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds If you are going to be hitting the gym while at college, stock up on raw almonds. They are full of protein and have lots of healthy fats and nutrients, which are especially welcome after a hard training session.


Canned Peaches (in Juice or Water!)

Canned Peaches (in Juice or Water!) Canned fruit is cheap, and will stop your mom from nagging about you eating your fruits and veg while at college. Canned peaches are an essential dorm room food because they are so versatile and can be stored for long periods of time..



Oats Grab a bag of oats when you are next at the store. You can make all sorts of breakfast from oats: try mixing oats with some water and honey in a microwave, or alternatively have oats with some cold milk and fruit/nuts added in. It’s cheap, nutritious, and will fill you up until lunch time. (Some great ideas here food.allwomenstalk.com and food.allwomenstalk.com)


Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna If you like the taste of tuna, you should also love its versatility. You can make a quick sandwich, add it to some pasta or top a baked potato, or mix it into salad leaves. Opt for the type that comes in water or brine, rather than oil, for an even healthier option.


Black Pepper

Black Pepper Although perhaps not a food per se, black pepper is going to help almost anything taste great. You might want to add some to your instant noodles, or sprinkle a bit over a grilled cheese. If you aren’t a very good cook, you should never underestimate the power of a bit of humble black pepper.

The secret to good dorm food is supplementing your vegetables and proteins with versatile non-perishable, cheap and healthy foods. Have you got the right foods in your dorm room store?

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I really need to get good in my dorm, maybe I'll weigh more than eight stone (at 5'8") then :/

My go-to snack was Fig Newtons. You can get low fat, whole wheat. Tasty, chewy, almost guilt free cookie.

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