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Here's What the Most Energetic People Are Eating and You Should Too ...

By Eliza

You know how people always say they wish they had the energy of the little kids running all over the place? It’s true that children are chock full of get up and go. Where does it all go when we turn into adults? Often, making poor food choices is the culprit. Choosing the right foods can give you all the energy you need to make it through the day without feeling like you’re underwater. Here’s what the most energetic people you know are eating. Start eating it too and you’ll love the results.

1 Melon

Melon I love that melons are so good for energy because they taste so wonderful! The reason why they give you energy is because they are primarily water. Fatigue is often caused by dehydration so fueling up with water-filled foods can give you some pep. At the same time, melons have healthy carbs, which is a prime source of energy. Choose honeydew, watermelon or cantaloupe. They’re all great options.

2 Spinach

Spinach Spinach is loaded with B vitamins, whose primary job is to convert the food you eat into energy for your body. Making sure you get enough of them means that your body is ready to optimize your other foods so that you have energy for everyday tasks. Try a spinach salad or toss it into veggie soup.

3 Cereal

Cereal Remember how comforting a bowl of cereal was as a kid? True, you have to forgo the Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes, but evidence shows that a bowl of cereal with milk is one of the best pick me ups there is. Choosing the right kind of cereal and topping it with milk gives you the optimal mixture of healthy carbs, fiber and protein to give you the energy you need. It’s great to start your day, but cereal is also a great idea at lunchtime to get you through until quitting time.

4 Crab

Crab Who doesn’t love an appetizer of crab cakes or a plate of King crab legs? Turns out that this indulgence is perfect if you find your energy waning. Why? Because it’s full of protein and vitamin B12. This combination gives you energy and pumps oxygen to your brain, waking it up. Crab can knock out physical and mental fatigue at one time so why aren’t you eating it right now?

5 Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt You’ve probably heard all the hype about Greek yogurt being better than traditional. It’s got a lot more protein, which makes it a great choice if you need some energy. In addition, Greek yogurt also has carbs and healthy fats, which contribute to your energy levels. Have it for breakfast, a snack or even a late night pick me up on a busy day. Top it with granola and fresh fruit if you need something more filling.

6 Walnuts

Walnuts There’s just something about a handful of walnuts that makes such a perfect snack. They taste good and they’re easy to eat on the go. Turns out they are great for your energy levels too. But they do this in a sneaky way. According to experts, walnuts are one of the few food sources of melatonin, which you need to regulate your sleep cycles. By getting enough, you sleep better at night, giving you more energy the next day.

7 Quinoa

Quinoa Quinoa is a great option as a hot cereal for breakfast or a salad for lunch at work. It’s chock full of fiber and protein, which equals lots of energy. Try it mixed with milk and cinnamon or topped with veggies and low-fat dressing. Tasty!

What do you eat for energy? Which of these are you going to try next time you need a dose of get up and go?

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