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Here's What to Drink when You Want to Give up Soda but Hate Water ...

By Neecey

Water is the very best liquid to rehydrate with. We should be drinking 8 glasses of water every day to help our body function and to help us stay healthy. But what if you prefer soda? What if you don’t like water? It’s hard to give up soda, especially if you think the only alternative is something you don’t like. The next time you reach for a can of soda – think again and try something delicious and healthy instead. Like these:

1 Fruit Juice with Soda Water

Fruit Juice with Soda WaterYou will always benefit a lot from eating fruit, but you can prepare your own fruit drinks as well. A combination of fruit juice and soda water will work great if you're dying for something fizzy and sweet. Simply mix fruit juice and soda water in a 50/50 ratio, but be sure to avoid juice brands with added sugar.

2 Black Tea

Black TeaTruly, black tea is what to drink when you don't like water. It works great for someone who is trying to give up soda or another caffeinated drink. It helps you quit soda without a caffeine headache – and prevents a fall back to soda.

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3 Izze Sparkling Juice

Izze Sparkling JuiceThis is yet another nice option to drink when you want to give up soda. It doesn't contain any added sugar and has little caffeine. This will help you avoid having a caffeine headache after you quit soda – especially if you go cold turkey.

4 Fruit Infused Tea

Fruit Infused TeaYou can always use fresh fruits to infuse teas to prepare your very own flavored drink with no sugar at all. Or simply use store bought herbal or fruit teas. There’s an incredible range of flavors available so there’s sure to be some you’ll love.

5 Unsweetened Tea

Unsweetened TeaWhen you cut back on sugared drinks gradually, you will notice your craving for sweetness going down as well. Still, you may still have to deal with the urge occasionally, and that's when instead of going back to sugar-rich drinks, you can drink unsweetened teas. Keep some of it prepared and placed in your fridge, so you don't have to wait to quench your thirst.

6 Milk

MilkYou may say milk is never sweet, but that's not the case. You will notice its sweetness when you eliminate other hardcore sugar drinks from your diet. The good thing with milk is that you won't be getting any empty calories like you do with sodas. Even if you don't like regular milk, you can try other alternatives, like soymilk, coconut milk, rice milk, or even almond milk.

7 Fruit Infused Water

Fruit Infused WaterTry fruit infused water. It's simple – just add some fruit slices to your water. Need some inspiration? See here

8 Coconut Water

Coconut WaterCoconut water can overcome your cravings for drinking something sweet. It is important though to buy a brand with coconut water used as the only ingredient. Check the label to avoid buying junk drinks.

9 Coffee

CoffeeSome people would definitely want to quit coffee as well, but if your main aim is to give up soda for now, you can drink coffee instead. You just need to be a bit creative when preparing your cup of coffee. Limit the sugar and switch to organic creamer to get your coffee fix. This is a lot better than drinking soda, and is even better than going to a coffee house to order your favorite mocha.

My personal advice is for you to experiment with flavored waters. Adding orange, lime or lemon slices to a glass of ice cold sparkling water is a revelation when you think you don’t like/can’t drink water. Do you need to give up or cut down on soda?

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