How to Turn College Food into Actual Edible Food ...


College food isn't the worst, but it's still pretty bad. The the food from campus cafeterias, bistros, and cafes isn't necessarily horrible everywhere or all the time, but see, a lot of college students are broke – to say the least.

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Get Creative with Your Chips

Get Creative with Your Chips Recipe:

For example, why not use potato chips to bread boneless, skinless chicken breasts? Make meatballs coated in Cheetos.


Mix up the Mac and Cheese

Mix up the Mac and Cheese Recipe:

Put it on a burger. Deep fry it. Create queso – or how about a mac and cheese quesadilla?


Risk It All with Your Ramen

Risk It All with Your Ramen Recipe:

There are seriously so many things to do with ramen noodles. You can make burgers, put together a proper ramen bowl with delicious broth and a fresh egg, or you can just put some hot sauce on it. You can get surprisingly fancy with your noodles.


Try Some Tempting Tater Tot Hacks

Try Some Tempting Tater Tot Hacks Recipe:

There's always tater tot casserole, not to mention tater tot grilled cheese, tater tots turned into hash, tater tots in a breakfast burrito … you get the idea.


Make Your Own Hot Pockets

Make Your Own Hot Pockets Recipe:

Uhm, yeah, you can do this. Healthy, cheap, easy, so much more delicious than those hellishly hot abominations that come out of the microwave, ready to sear your tongue and steal your soul.


Update the Old Pizza Lunchables

Update the Old Pizza Lunchables Recipe:

That counts as a meal, right? Apparently, this is actually called a “pizzadilla.” Whatever it is, it looks frigging delicious.


Make Your Own Breakfast Sandwiches, Too

Make Your Own Breakfast Sandwiches, Too Recipe:

Forget McDonald's. Forget the cafeteria. Just DIY a delicious breakfast – or lunch, or dinner, who cares? You're in college now, you can have breakfast for dinner if you want.


Get Fancy on a Dime

Get Fancy on a Dime Recipe:

So, back to the subject of “kind of quesadillas,” this is a Margherita Quesadilla. It's a cheap, easy way to get a little elegant, since tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil are always generally awesome.


Today is Nacho Lucky Day

Today is Nacho Lucky Day Recipe:

Except it actually is, at least if you love nachos. Nachos are not just a snack, you know. Throw together the right ingredients, all college-friendly, and you get some good eats.


Two Words: Pita Pizza

Two Words: Pita Pizza Recipe:

Pitas are easy, pizzas are delicious – what else do you need to know?


Microwave an Enchilada Feast

Microwave an Enchilada Feast Recipe:

These enchiladas take ten minutes. Do you understand the scope of that? Ten minutes from right now, you could be eating enchiladas.


Put Your Pizza in a Mug

Put Your Pizza in a Mug Recipe:

I mean, if you spend have your time and money having pizza delivered anyway, you might as well make it yourself in the cleanest, most convenient way possible, right?


Make Pancakes with Sprite


You heard me. Read me. Whatevs.


Try Something else with Your Cheetos


I … I don't know how this tastes.


Bread Pudding + Pizza, Anyone?


I don't know how this tastes, either.


Update Your PB&J

Update Your PB&J Recipe:

With bacon. What an update, right?


Put Your Pizza on a Waffle


I'd say I'm sorry for all the pizza recipes … but I would be lying, and lying is wrong.


Use Your Vodka in a Pie Crust


Not kidding.

Okay, coeds, who's taste testing all of these first?


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All look nice, except for the pizza in a mug, that looks gross!

Oh gosh! These looks so delicious!!

Omg I wanna take a bite in all of these so yummy!!!

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