Ice Cube Tray Hacks You Have to Try ...

By Holly

Ice Cube Tray Hacks You Have to Try ...

If you've never really used your ice cube tray before, that will change after you read these tips from Good Housekeeping. They know how to use ice cube trays to make your water, your margaritas, and your morning coffee taste better than ever. Don't believe it? Then read it:

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Cookie Cubes

Cookie Cubes Stuff some cookie dough into your icecube trays. When you're ready to eat them, pop out as many pieces as you'd like and stick them in the oven.


Chocolate Cubes

Chocolate Cubes Fill your ice cube trays with melted dark chocolate, then place your strawberries inside. Freeze them for an hour and then chow down.


Berry Cubes

Berry Cubes If you want to give flavor to your water, crush up some blueberries and place the juice in your ice cube trays. Freeze them and then use them as ice cubes in your water.


Milk Cubes

Milk Cubes Place milk into your ice cube trays. In the morning, you can use them in your coffee.


Citrus Cubes

Citrus Cubes Juice a bag of citrus and place it in your ice cube trays. That way, the next time you make margaritas, you can stick the cubes in the drinks.

Which one of these ideas are you actually going to try out?

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@ritchie I'm not American, but I don't like hot drinks unless it's at night, it makes me feel like I'm going to sleep soon lol. But I love tea, and I want to have it in the morning as it boosts my mood and energy, so iced tea is the way to go :) then at night I make lavender sleepy tea and it helps me fall asleep

Lol Ritchie. It doesn't taste like lavender, its actually chai tea (my favorite kind) flavored with vanilla and honey. But it's good herbs that you brew it with, that sit in the cup but you don't drink, and it gives a lavender aroma to help you fall asleep. I personally hated tea for the longest time, but I hate coffee more lol. So I experimented and found the teas I love. If you have a speciality tea shop (Davids tea is a big chain one that's great, but little shops are usually nicer for testing) you should go in, and ask what kind of tea they recommend from tastes you like. They'll usually let you taste test too. I'm not a fan of the canned tea bags, I prefer loose tea since I can control the strength much easier. But it's definitely improved my life, I feel much healthier, but I went from having caffeine shots to drinking tea in the morning so I noticed a lot of benefits quickly lol.

Hey Dear Alyx, I cant imagine lavinder tea, I would never say I wouldnt try it. U find tea and coffee makes me hyper. I have to have voffee in the morning tho. They do Liptons tea over here in cans maybe I should try it lol

Americans, even

Kris lol good point

I do the milk one for my tea everyday. I prefer iced tea in the morning, but still have to steep it in hot water, so I pop in 3 cubes of frozen milk and a frozen cube of honey :) cools it down super quick and makes my morning quicker. My girlfriend uses the milk for her coffee in the morning as well :)

Last one


Love this