7 Killer Summer Cocktails to Try at Your Next Party ...


Every time that summer rolls around, it brings with it smaller clothes, bikinis, beach parties and summer cocktails. I spent years working as a waitress/bartender, salivating at the thought of these yummy summer cocktails in the heat and now, I get to pass along the knowledge of how to make them to you, lovely readers. Just remember to drink the good stuff and responsibly too!

1. Washington Apple

Washington Apple

I love Washington Apples, and until I moved to this great state in the Pacific Northwest, I had never heard of them. I've adapted this recipe to the one I learned while I was bartending, to make it my own.


1 oz. of Crown Royal,

1½ oz. of Apple Pucker

3 oz. of Cran-Apple juice


First, fill a highball glass with ice. Then add your ingredients to a shaker and shake well. Pour over ice and you have yourself one of the best summer cocktails!

Blueberry Lemon Drop
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