7 Magical Things to Add to Your Morning Cup of Coffee ...


7 Magical Things to Add to Your Morning Cup of Coffee ...
7 Magical Things to Add to Your Morning Cup of Coffee ...

I am sure you all probably have a few favorite things to add to your coffee, or maybe, just one that works for you, day in and day out. Some people take their coffee straight up black, while others like myself, prefer to “dress” them up a bit. Whatever the case, there are some wonderful things to add to your coffee that you may not have tried yet. Whatever your fancy with coffee is, I do hope you’ll give these a try.

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Cacao Powder

Let’s prioritize this list of things to add to your coffee people. Perhaps nothing is as magical in the morning (or really anytime), than cacao and coffee combined. Holy chocolate, this good! I take 1 teaspoon raw cacao powder, but you could also use cocoa powder (Hershey’s dark is a favorite in this house), and just stir it in when your coffee is done brewing. You’ll have your very own mocha in 2 seconds flat!



Along with that cacao, how about a teeny tiny drop of peppermint extract? Oh, come on, don’t you like the Starbucks Peppermint Mocha? I know I do! So, I make my own rendition at home with cacao, peppermint, stevia, and almond milk for a healthier variety. Give it a try - it’s like Christmas every morning!



Cinnamon is warming, it lowers your blood sugar, and it really adds a wonderful touch of sweet and spicy to your morning cuppa. I like Ceylon cinnamon the best, since it has a lighter, sweeter flavor, but you can use any type you like. You can either brew it with your grounds or beans, or you can just stir it into your coffee after brewing is complete.


Vanilla Stevia

I adore the scent of vanilla, in just about anything you can think of, and it makes one heck of a morning coffee, let me tell you! I like Wisdom Naturals liquid stevia in the Vanilla Creme flavor. I add just 1/4 drop to my morning cup of coffee, and it’s like a rich vanilla cup of coffee that’s also sweetened in a healthy way! Plus, stevia is also said to help digestive functions and lower your blood sugar. I like Wisdom Naturals because they only use water, pure stevia extract, and natural vanilla flavor with nothing else.


Maca Powder

The vegan community started using maca in coffee a couple of years ago as a way to add a creamy, malty flavor to coffee without any dairy products. Maca powder is a superfood that acts like an adaptogen, helping to relieve stress, and enhnace hormone health. It’s great for women who suffer PMS symptoms, and it also tastes sort of creamy and malt-like. When stirred into a hot cup of coffee, it will cream up like creamer to give you that milky feel to your coffee. Just be aware, it doesn’t actually taste like milk, but more like a butterscotch malty flavor. I personally love it. Just one teaspoon is all you need to get a superfood cup of coffee to give you energy and a better mood all day long!

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Ginger root powder is a mainstay in my cabinet due to all the magical little benefits this root spice has. I’m never without my ginger, and I like to add it to everything, including coffee. Ginger has unique properties outside of its well known ability to help digestion and nausea. Ginger also reduces inflammation, warms the body to speed up metabolism, can reduce illness and increase your immune health, and it’s anti-viral, and anti-fungal. Just use a tiny dash in your coffee, along with any of these other ideas if you like. I love adding it to coffee with maca for a really delicious, creamy afternoon cup of coffee that’s out of this world!


Ginger not only provides a spicy kick but also offers a host of wellness benefits, making it a power-packed addition to start your day. It's something of a superfood, really. When blended into your morning brew, this fragrant spice creates a symphony of flavor and health. Imagine a cup that not only wakes you up but also helps fight off the sniffles and keeps your joints feeling supple! Plus, who can resist the cozy warmth it brings on a chilly morning? Just remember, a little goes a long way, so start with a pinch and adjust to taste. It's like a hug in a mug!


Coconut Oil

Adding coconut oil to coffee became a popular way to increase energy in the morning, and the idea came from the makers of Bulletproof Coffee, which you may have heard of. The original recipe calls for butter instead of coconut oil, but the vegan version uses coconut oil instead. Adding 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your morning cup of coffee has been said to help speed metabolism, aid digestion, help you lose weight, increase your energy, and enhance mood health and brain function. It adds a really rich, creamy texture in place of dairy milk, so it’s a great substitute for milk if you’re vegan. Coconut oil’s fatty acids have a number of health benefits, so adding it to your coffee is an easy way to get the benefits first thing in the day.

Sometimes, a basic cup of coffee is all you really need to start the day, but once in awhile, it never hurts to try something a little magical, or new. I'm always up for new ideas. What do you use in your morning cup of coffee?

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