13 Neat Tricks to Spice up Your Next Vegetable Soup Recipe ...


Vegetable soup is one of my favorite fall dishes to eat of all and I have some terrific tips to spice up your vegetable soup in case you’re bored with your usual recipe. Vegetable soup is such an easy meal to make because you can toss almost any vegetable in without messing it up. Yet, if you don’t use certain flavor techniques, it can come out bland, and salt isn’t always the healthiest, or best option. Try using some of these neat tricks to spice up your vegetable soup for your next batch. Hopefully, you’ll never have boring soup again!

1. Use Paprika

Use Paprika

Paprika is the miracle spice if you ask me, and one of the best ways to spice up your vegetable soup. Paprika is a red pepper that is ground into a spice and unlike cayenne, paprika's flavor is less hot and offers more of a deep, smoky flavor that’s so nice. This makes it more palatable and won’t burn your tongue unless you use too much. Usually about ½ tsp. per pot of soup is just about right. It adds this deep smoky and slightly spicy flavor that is absolutely wonderful.

Add Veggie Broth
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