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One thing I definitely inherited from my mother is the love of cookbooks. I love to read ones that aren’t just recipes but that tell stories – either how the recipe comes about, what it means to the author or about the ingredients. Oddly though, I’m just a looker and reader rather than a reader and maker. I also love cookbooks that put new spins on things or introduce me to different cuisines. Here are some current ones I’ve been looking at:

1. Brooklyn Rustic: Simple Food for Sophisticated Palates by Bryan Calvert

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One of the best new cookbooks for 2016 is definitely Brooklyn Rustic by Bryan Calvert. Compiled by the founder of the famous JAMES eatery in Brooklyn, the book contains recipes that effortlessly combines traditional comforts foods with a touch of fine dining decadence, any one of the dishes in here would be perfect for a relaxed dinner party.

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K-Food: Korean Home Cooking and Street Food by Da-Hae West and Gareth West
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