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The Environmental Working Group, also known as EWG, just released the 2014 list of the foods with high pesticides and foods with low pesticides. Each year a new report is given to find out which conventional foods you should avoid buying and which organic foods are better. You may be familiar with this list, which is where “The Dirty Dozen” and “The Clean Fifteen” come from. Foods with high pesticides will fall into The Dirty Dozen category and foods with low pesticides will fall into The Clean Fifteen category. Below you'll find the 15 foods that topped this year's list of foods high in pesticides. Hopefully now you'll know what organic foods to save up for. Nosh up!

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Apples Apples have topped the list of foods high in pesticides for years. However, the good news is that organic apples aren’t that much more expensive than conventional, making them easier to afford if you’re on a budget.



Strawberries Most all berries are heavily sprayed with pesticides and strawberries always come out on top (and not in a good way). Organic berries can be pricey in fresh form, but are much more affordable if you buy them frozen.



Grapes Grapes have also been a huge repeat each year on the list of foods high in pesticides. It was found through multiple tests that one grape tested positive for 15 different kinds of pesticides. That doesn't sound too sweet, does it?



Celery I always buy organic celery, not just because conventional celery is high in pesticides, but also because organic celery is so much tastier! It’s also not expensive, and it's greener in color, indicating it's also more nutritious.



Peaches Peach trees are prone to multiple pests like fruit flies. As a result they are laden with pesticides through conventional farming to prevent crop loss. Buy organic peaches when they're in season and enjoy them as a seasonal treat!



Spinach Spinach has continuously appeared on the list of foods high in pesticides for years, with this year being no exception. Luckily, organic spinach isn’t too pricey, making it easily affordable for anyone’s budget.


Red Bell Peppers

Red Bell Peppers Red peppers are harder to find in organic form and if you do come across them, you'll notice a steep price tag as a result. Peppers are one of the highest sources of Vitamin C though, so save up when you can and buy the best!



Nectarines Like peaches, nectarine trees are highly prone to pests (because they're so delicious, I'm sure)! Imported varieties are worse than local varieties, so be sure you look for organic and local origin when purchasing your nectarines.



Cucumbers That waxy feel cucumbers can have isn't normal, I promise! It's actually a residue of multiple layers of pesticides- ick! Organic cucumbers are actually very dull in texture and though pricier, they are tastier and better for you!


Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes Cherry tomatoes make the best afternoon snack, but not so much if they contain chemicals, right? Luckily, regular tomatoes were tested to be low in pesticides this year, which may help even out your tomato budget a bit!


Snap Peas

Snap Peas Sugar snap peas are one of the easiest veggies to grow at home, so feel free to buy your own organic seeds and grow them yourself. If you're not into gardening, organic snap peas aren't too pricey, making them easily affordable.



Potatoes Potatoes used to test low for pesticide content but this year they round out The Dirty Dozen list as one of the foods highest in pesticides due to soil contamination. When it comes to your spuds, spend smart!


Hot Peppers

Hot Peppers Making homemade salsa? Be sure you don’t buy conventional peppers to use. Hot peppers are coated with pesticides, which you can feel through their waxy skin. Choose organic and keep your salsa chemical-free!



Blueberries There’s nothing better than a blueberry muffin or a blueberry smoothie, but whatever you do, don’t sacrifice price for pesticides. Buy your blueberries organic and wild however possible, and enjoy the delicious benefits!



Lettuce Lettuce is thought to be low in nutrients, but is actually one of the best sources of water and Vitamin K. It's also always on the list of foods high in pesticides, so buy all your lettuce and leafy greens organic when you can.

To see the complete list of foods with high pesticides, you can visit the EWG’s website below and even download a free printable list to take with you to the supermarket. Pesticides have been linked to multiple health issues, such as hormonal disruptions, brain and mood disorders, and even allergies. If you can’t afford to buy organic, that’s okay! Just stick to the foods on the bottom of the list from EWG and you should be good to go! Do you buy organic fruits and veggies?

Sources: ewg.org, epa.gov


Lettuce is a popular vegetable that is often thought of as being low in nutrients. However, it is actually a great source of Vitamin K and water. Unfortunately, lettuce is also one of the most heavily sprayed vegetables, making it one of the foods highest in pesticide levels. Pesticides are linked to a number of health issues, including hormonal disruptions, brain and mood disorders, and allergies.

When purchasing lettuce, it is important to buy organic when possible. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a list of fruits and vegetables that have the highest levels of pesticide residue. The list is updated every year and can be found on the EWG’s website. Additionally, the EPA has a list of the most commonly used pesticides and their effects on human health.

If organic lettuce is not an option, it is still possible to reduce one’s exposure to pesticides. The EWG’s list can be used to identify the fruits and vegetables that have the lowest levels of pesticide residue. It is also important to wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating. This can help to reduce the amount of pesticide residue on the food.

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Noo, not apples, strawberries, spinach, and lettuce?! :(

Mmmm... So why isn't everything grown organically then.

You guys should look at GMO food it's genetically modified food. Almost everything is

this is a smart way to convince people to spend money on organic food! well i dont know about everyone else but i for one have no money to buy almost everything organic!! o and ps. i am a vegetarian.

These are all of the healthy things I like to eat

All fruits are blessed for our system just technology has poison t hem with chemicals.

I don't have the money it requires to eat organic, I'm tired of hearing eat more fruit then the next day don't eat fruit .

just rinse everything in vinegar, cleans all the crap out if fruits and veggies, We go to MX all the time and this is what everyone does there.

So basically don't eat anything. .... pffft

so how am I going to survive? can someone rescue me??

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