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Remember all those candies you loved as a child or the ones your parents raved about when you were growing up? Why do they disappear? It’s really sad to learn that something you have always loved has gone by wayside. Sometimes candy companies will bring something back and you’ll get to experience all over again the wonder of your childhood. Here are some of the most popular nostalgic candies that I think they should bring back. Feel free to add your own to the list.

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Milk Shake Bar

This nougat and caramel creation was sort of like a cross between a Snickers and a Three Musketeers bar. It enjoyed popularity fresh out of the package or frozen to create a summer frozen treat to cool off with. If you remember lounging by the pool with your Milk Shake Bar, you probably wish this one would come back. I’m right there with you!


Denver Sandwich

The name is strange, but this candy bar was a huge hit during the years when you could find it on store shelves. It consisted of wafers covered with nuts, chocolate and caramel. Clearly, it was one of the best candy bars of its time and I think it’s about time it came back. Although I might have trouble not eating them, so maybe it’s better if they stay away.


Hollywood Candy Bar

If it’s from Hollywood, you know it has to be good, right? Apparently some people felt differently since it stopped being sold decades ago. This creation combined caramel, nuts and nougat to make it a treat that was totally addicting. Back in the day, you could get a Hollywood Candy Bar for 5 cents. If it came back now, it would definitely set you back more than that.


Whiz Bar

Perhaps this one disappeared because of its name, because it certainly wasn’t because of the way it tasted. How could anyone not love the mixture of sugary peanuts covered in chocolate? I’m pretty sure that if this candy bar made a comeback it would fly off store shelves in minutes. Would you buy one?


Necco Wafers

You can sometimes find these in out of the way gift shops, but for the most part they are gone. It’s sad because this was one of my absolute favorite candies as a kid. I can remember walking to the gas station with my sisters and buying a whole roll of them. Then I would bring them home and savor them for the rest of the day. Necco wafers should come back right away, don’t you think?


Spoon Candy

If you grew up in the 1970s, chances are you ate this delight for dessert a time or two. It’s like a mixture of pudding and hard chocolate candy. It was made kind of like you make pudding and came from Jell-O. Why, oh why, did this one have to go away? I was born in the last part of the 1970s and never got to try this yummy concoction.


Regal Crown Sours

Sour candies top the list of favorites for many people. Are you one of them? I loved them more as a kid, but now I’m more partial to chocolate candy. Although, if these ever came back, I would definitely try them. The candies came in a range of flavors, including orange, cherry, grape and lemon. Is your mouth puckering right now? Mine too.

What other nostalgic candy would you add to the list? Sometimes you can find these candies online or at specialty candy shops. If you do, stock up! And grab me a couple of Denver bars, please.

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Pictures are a must, especially in old retro subjects

Being from Canada none of these were a thing, even asked my mom and she didn't know any of them lol. It's too bad everywhere has different candy, some of these sound good :)

Would have been cool if there were pictures for these

Shock tarts 😁😉

We have a candy store in downtown Savannah that carry a lot of these. Most I've forgotten about till I go in the candy store.

Never heard of any of these except Neccos. You can buy Neccos here In NY at just about any convenience or candy store, which is good cuz I love them!

i love necci wafers! this is my mom's favorite candy and when i introduced it to my friends, they loved them! why don't people eat these more?!?!?

Sound good but I've never tried any of them or maybe you couldn't get them in the uk

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