24 Insanely Cute Easter Cupcakes to Make This Year ...

By Eliza

24 Insanely Cute Easter Cupcakes to Make This Year ...

Easter is a time of renewal and fresh starts. Because it falls in spring, there are lots of color and theme choices when it comes to making Easter cupcakes. If you show up to your potluck, cupcakes in hand, you'll be everyone's hero. Here are all the options you need to make this year a stand out one that no one will ever forget your Easter cupcakes.

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PEEPS Surprise inside Cupcakes

PEEPS Surprise inside Cupcakes Source: PEEPS® Chick Surprise-Inside Cupcakes
These are perfect if you're serving kids! They'll love the surprise inside.


Spring Butterflies

Spring Butterflies Source: Top Tops! - Princess Pinky
It's not spring without butterflies, and these cupcakes are fun for Easter morning.


Cotton Candy Cupcakes

Cotton Candy Cupcakes Source: ohnuts.com
The colors here are what make these cupcakes so Easter worthy. I love how the frosting swirls together.


These Cotton Candy Cupcakes are a great treat to make for Easter this year. The cupcakes are a fluffy vanilla cupcake, topped with a swirl of pink and blue buttercream frosting. The bright colors make these cupcakes look like a dream come true. The cupcakes are then topped with colorful sprinkles, giving them an even more festive look.

These cupcakes are perfect for a party or just a fun treat for the family. The vibrant colors are sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. The cupcakes are also easy to make and only require a few ingredients. All you need is some butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, and food coloring.

The cupcakes are a great way to show your Easter spirit. Not only are they cute, but they are also delicious. The cupcakes have a light and fluffy texture that melts in your mouth. The buttercream frosting is also very creamy and sweet. The combination of the cupcake and frosting will leave everyone wanting more.


PEEPS Cupcakes

PEEPS Cupcakes Source: PEEPS Cupcakes - CincyShopper
Everyone loves Peeps candies, so these are sure to be a crowd pleaser.


These PEEPS Cupcakes are a delicious and cute way to celebrate Easter! They are perfect for any Easter party, and they will be sure to be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

These cupcakes start with a moist vanilla cupcake base, and are topped with a creamy marshmallow frosting. For the topping, a classic PEEPS marshmallow bunny is perched on top of each cupcake. The combination of the sweet cupcake, creamy frosting, and fluffy marshmallow bunny creates a delightful treat that everyone will love.

These cupcakes are easy to make, and they are sure to be a fan favorite. To make them, start by baking the cupcakes according to the recipe. Once the cupcakes are cool, top them with the marshmallow frosting. Finally, place a PEEPS bunny on top of each cupcake.

These PEEPS Cupcakes are a great way to enjoy Easter treats without the hassle of baking a cake. They are easy to make, and the combination of flavors and textures is sure to be a hit with everyone. Plus, they are super cute and are sure to be the talk of the party!


In Champagne Flutes

In Champagne Flutes Source: Cupcakes in dollar store champagne
This set up makes it easy to give your guests a cupcake to eat on the road.

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Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Source: Easter Bunny Cupcakes
What could be a more perfect way to decorate your Easter cupcakes than bunnies?


Carrot Design

Carrot Design Source: Easter Cupcakes and Treats with
These are super easy to make with orange and green M&M's.


Carrot Garden

Carrot Garden Source: Bunny’s Carrot Garden Easter Cupcakes
These are another surprise inside cupcake that are perfect for your Easter brunch.


Cross Cupcakes

Cross Cupcakes Source: Cross Cupcakes
Make a bunch of cupcakes and group them together to make a cross for Easter Sunday.


Spring Lambs

Spring Lambs Source: Little Lamb Cupcake Recipe
Aren't these adorable little sheep? They would be totally worth all the effort!


Speckled Easter Eggs

Speckled Easter Eggs Source: Speckled Easter Cupcakes
Simulate those delicious speckled eggs with these cupcakes.


Egg Carton Mini Cupcakes

Egg Carton Mini Cupcakes Source: Egg Carton Mini Cupcakes
An egg carton is the perfect container for serving Easter cupcakes.


Tiny Bird's Nest

Tiny Bird's Nest Source: Easter Cupcakes
Aren't these adorable? Would you serve them on Easter?


Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears Source: Adventures in Savings: HAPPY EASTER
This idea is super easy and looks totally adorable too.


Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet Source: Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet
Not only do I love that these are served in a flower pot, but the colors are superb too.


Easter Friends

Easter Friends Source: Paris Pastry: Easter Cupcakes
Here's another Easter friend that will make your holiday one to remember.


Egg Flowers

Egg Flowers Source: .....NINA'S RECIPES.....: EASTER CUPCAKES and
Use egg candies to make cute flowers on your cupcakes.


Bouquet of Cupcakes

Bouquet of Cupcakes Source: We've Picked You Some Cupcake
Here's another bouquet of adorable Easter flower cupcakes.


Hydrangea Cupcakes

Hydrangea Cupcakes Source: Bird's nests, Cadbury eggs and
Do you have mad decorating skills? You have to make these!


Marshmallows to Create Petals

Marshmallows to Create Petals Source: How to make Marshmallow Flower
This is surprisingly easy to do and looks like you slaved for hours.


Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting Source: Whisk Kid: Spent - {Carrot
What could be more perfect for Easter than carrot cupcakes?


Egg Cupcakes

Egg Cupcakes Source: facebook.com
The tiny decorated eggs really make these cupcakes stand out. Love them!


Yellow Flowers

Yellow Flowers Source: Individual Cakes- Juliet Stallwood Cakes
Easter is all about pastel colors and this yellow is a great choice!


These beautiful yellow flowers cupcakes are the perfect addition to any Easter celebration! The cupcakes feature a bright yellow flower at the top, surrounded by a light yellow frosting. The cupcakes are made with a light and fluffy vanilla cake mix, and the frosting is made with a combination of butter, sugar, and cream cheese. The cupcakes are finished with a sprinkle of yellow sugar for an extra special touch.

These cupcakes would be the perfect addition to any Easter gathering, whether it’s a family dinner or a special brunch. They’re sure to be a hit with everyone! Plus, they’re easy to make and require minimal ingredients. All you need to make them is a cake mix, butter, sugar, cream cheese, and yellow sugar.

These cupcakes are a great way to add a bit of color and fun to the Easter festivities. They’re sure to be a conversation starter and will be a memorable part of the celebration. The bright yellow flower on top is sure to be a standout and will add a touch of whimsy to the event.


Easter Bonnets

Easter Bonnets Source: Pretty Bonnet Cupcakes at Joann.com
Don't want to wear your Easter bonnet? Put them on cupcakes instead.

Are you going to make Easter cupcakes this year? Which ones do you want to try?

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